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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whitemouse75, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. does anyone know the INTRANET homepage so i can reset mine from google please :oops:
  2. Unless you are on the RLI you won't be able to access the intranet.
    If you are on the RLI then the system administrators for the system you work on will usually dictate the home page for that system (Unless you have administrator rights)
  3. hmm well i used to be able to access the electronic battlebox etc from the homepage, then i changed it but cant access anything but google now!
  4. WM

    If you're on the RLI try this link


    Once you are on the page

    tools-internet options-Use-current finally OK to save

  5. Sounds like Army portal? Is it white and red with all kinds of G1, etc ?
  6. Theres a link to the army portal on the defencenet homepage. Its about half way down the page on the right hand side. Baldrick has given you the link to the defencenet homepage already.
  7. Was that aimed at me or mouse? Because he wants the same page he had previously and you can't access the battlebox directly from the defenceintranet page, you have to go to the portal and then onto the box.

    If not aimed at me, ignore ;d
  8. i'll give it a try at work later, cheers fellas
  9. ok that works, however i dont think its the one i had before, as i cant find the link to the electronic battlebox etc.
  10. Link to the Electronic Battle Box is on the Army Portal. Half way down on the right hand side of the Defence Intranet Homepage.
  11. nice one i'll have another look later