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Quick question,

I have to send some photo's into work for monday (it's now Sat) to use on powerpoint, I need to get them onto DII(F);

If I email them to my account from my civ email, is there a restriction on the file or email size? it will be about 10Mb in total.

I know you can't recieve macros but I asume photo's are ok?

Sorry for such a dull question but hopefully someone will have an idea of how it works.

Yes, I've done it. I'm not sure on the size limit but I would suggest you split it done into a number of emails.

Alternatively, if you've got an EGS account, upload them to Armynet and then download on Monday.


Book Reviewer

If you are a standard user - you will have an EGS account. If you are an Occassional, probably not.

Send them in normal format and not zipped or the e-nazis will strip the email (found out to my detriment). My experience is to try and keep it below 2Mb. Hope that helps.
Not sure what an EGS account is, I have an IGS and can surf the internet, is that the same thing?

I've sent them now and have not recieved a maildemon return saying they are blocked, so fingers crossed!!


Book Reviewer
IGS / EGS - same thing depending on what MoD System you are on. But the effect is you say - internet access.

If MailDaemon has not rejected you - you should be ok. The alternative was mentioned elsewhere - get an ArnyNet account and do it that way - defo works.

Now off to get p!ssed whilst watching Button try and not lose the World Championship.
Best bet mate is to ignore all the sensible answers above, get a flash pen out and use it, ensuring that at least two of your files have worms attached, If you get caught, sorry, when you get caught take your charge like a man, after all you probably deserve it uploading photo's onto your computer in the first place.
hulio1984 said:
...after all you probably deserve it uploading photo's onto your computer in the first place.
Are you for real? Are you trying to say that uploading a picture will be dangerous or that it will contain a virus? He's using graphics to enhance a presentation FFS. Maybe the young whippersnapper shouldn't be using Powerpoint at all, he should be using a viewfoil and chinagraphs. Strangely, images are reasonably standard on modern IT and this hardly constitutes dangerous behaviour. They day that "uploading photo's [sic]" becomes dangerous, they better close down the internet.

Thelynxeffect, if the images get bounced by email, upload them to your filespace on ArmyNET.
Nah, type it all out on binary. 110010010101001001101011001010101 etc etc.

There's only two kinds of people in this world.....crack..... Ouch, sorry, I promise not to tell hackneyed geek jokes.

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