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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Mongoose, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Greetings all,

    The ITSO/LSO whatever he's called this week! is currently off sunning himself and has left the RAO in my capable hands (ahem) for some time now we've been trying to get one of these areas set up where we can all save/access files across the network and the newly posted RSM is dead keen to have it up and running..we've got a multiuser mailbox set up which someone that came to visit seemed to indicate was the right way to start...but no idea where to go from here (or even if that's right). I've got access to all the authorised demander stuff whilst he's away so I'm fully tooled up...if someone can point me in the right direction I've be very grateful!!
  2. Are you talking about wanting a Unit "team site" which is a web based interface where you can upload files etc and create subwebs for individual sub units etc - or do you simply want some shared network storage to put your files in (you've probably already got that).
  3. Depends exactly what you want as per boney_m has said.

    Has your site been F'd is being or due to be in the near future ??

    Do you want it just for your unit or the wider audience??
  4. Just the unit , we are all F'ed up (heh) - we all have the Shared (can't remember the name exactly) Folder accessible in our My Documents - as well as our own Role Folders - but no-one can write to it etc.
  5. Do you have on site support??
    When did you get F'd???

    Sounds like it was not setup correctly or incorrect rights assigned, may need a RFC(??) or a call through the helpdesk (or a word in the ear of a friendly ATLAS site bod) to get it checked
  6. We were F'd about Jan time methinks, support was sort of there..But they just checked we could log on etc.

    If its something thats supposed to be set up as part of the F package I'll chew SPOCs ears tomorrow to see what they can do about it
  7. If you cant write to the shared folder, and assuming your all entitled to access permission, then the folder has probably been setup with either an incorrect attribute or permission settings have been applied incorrectly.

    Raise a fault call with the SPOC and a member of the site team should visit you and sort the problem out.
  8. It would depend on what the original request for the shared area requested. If you can have a look at the original request then it would be worth it. Raise a request through SPOC to get the access rights checked (they wont be able to do it but should raise you a call).
  9. We are looking to do something similar by creating folders G1 - G9ish in shared documents with access limited to each folder for those that need to input or read files. We're not sure how to do it either, and it was raised during Dii (F) installation & setup.
  10. Groupdata - that's what should be the shared folder right? Or have we not even got that far yet..

    Update - I've found a little excel sheet called ASR in the LSOs groupdata folder, apparently its the first time its been opened..all kinds of crazy little forms and stuff in there? Am I on the right track to getting this set up and running?

    going back to what Boney said too;

    is there any kind of provision available on F for that? Or is that just something for Armynet etc
  11. bump :<
  12. Mongoose, are you a fellow scaley or are you SPS? Do you already have a team site set up? Unfortunately I can't access any DII sites at my location, due to various mongs making the policy, but maybe someone on DII could try and access your site and point you towards useful links as a starter for 10. Are you on DII/F or DII/C? If so, what region are you in or what Div/Bde do you come under? I'm sure someone could advise, given just a tiny bit more info.
  13. 2 Div, 15x. DII(F)

    SPS type (occasionally).

    No team site set up. It's all a bit confusing, however I'm about 100 times more computer savvy than the Chief so I imagine he's not got much of an idea about it (thats why I'd like to have it up and running by the time he gets back)
  14. Mongoose I will talk you through it tomorrow. If you have it setup it will be called EUN something. We have a shared file drive for all G1-G9 files which I set up for my unit and we save all emails and electronic data to there. If it is set up you can ask to have the permissions etc changed to allow you to write, read or edit the stuff. You should also think about a Sharepoint site on ArmyNET which is excellent and you can access stuff at home which would assist your TA personnel to see diaries etc. I am at Tayforth if you want to ring me tomorrow.
  15. Mongoose,

    There are still Sharepoint based team sites accessed via DII/F (some far more developed than others). These were originaly provided under DII/C and during a future phase of F they will be replaced by an online document library. In they main, they are accessed via your DII Core Node, you will need to speak to either your authorised demanders, your DII/F POC or the local DII/F team to find out if you have one that is still usable.

    Providing the means for you to store and process information is the bag of the Royal Signals - managing the stored information (although a J3/J5 function) is increasingly becoming the responsibility of the AGC. If your chief isnt savvy now, might be time to get some courses booked!!!