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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by I_AM_CANADIAN, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know of any web based email sites that are ueable on DII? Most seem to be locked out such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc.
  2. i think the thought police have got to them all meine freunde
  3. They probably want you to register and use ARMYNET! Just a thought

  4. Is POP access blocked too, or just the web interface?
  5. Just get all your mates to register for arrse and then spend all day PM'ing them. :D
  6. you need to get in touch with the DII system manager in your camp, i dont think you can get on things like MSN and YAHOO, i am on it and i cant get on those sites.
  7. Good points there. You can use Armynet (AKA SquirrelMail) but it's crap. ARRSE PM is much better.
  8. A bit harsh. It might not have cost millions to create, but armynet mail certainly works. PM is great but not all my mates use arrse - I've binned using hotmail etc and now only use armynet mail. The fact that I can get it in the office is a big, big bonus over all other clients
  9. All POP3 and internet based mail clients are against Syops on any RLI system.

    If you can access armynet on DII(C) you're a damn site lucker than the rest of us and also a visit away from the fun Police (AKA DCSA Security)
  10. DII has closed many of the loopholes now. there used to be loads of ways around the door. No more mail2web/web2mail or other anonymous surfing site software works, nor does going straight for the "https" secure access - still actively hunting for a method that does not contravene the dreaded Syops or bring up that poxy BT "hate, race, unsanctioned release mechanicsm" message.

    Nice of them to give us MSN Messenger at work, even if it does mean that the boss gets a little reminder when you log in twenty minutes late on a Monday morning....
  11. I recall this issue was raised ages ago on ArmyNET and the line from DG Info was that as ArmyNET was an official site and that armymail was an official mod.uk email system it was permitted. The point was that any website that can be accessed via the IGS and allows users to input text (such as ARRSE) is no different in terms of uncontrolled sending of information.......so their argument does not wash!!
  12. Just wait for DII(F). That will really cripple things. They are now talking about banning MS Acess databases !!
  13. Barking!!
  14. I thought that only works if you have your boss on your contacts list and vice versa?