Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bushnut, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. I have a DII(F) account and have my own DII machine on my desk in my office. However, because ALL of the TA are classed as "occasional users" I have been told that I am not entitled to have access to External Gateway Service (EGS). This sounds b*llocks to me! I need access to external email to effectively communicate with my soldiers.

    I believe that access should be determined by your role; not how often you access a DII machine. I fail to see how using the machine every Tuesday without fail and every in-barracks w/end is occasional.

    Can anyone confirm/deny whether all TA personnel are subjected to this draconian 'them and us' scenario?
  2. dont know about this, but all external email such as Hotmail or Yahoo is blocked
  3. Thanks DC. To clairfy, when I said 'access to external email' I meant so I can use my DII email account to send/receive to/from external addresses. I don't want to login to Hotmail, GMail, etc. (which are blocked sites).
  4. There is a way around it (I don't how they get around it), my SSM has sent me emails from DII to my hotmail account.

    Edit: Having re-read what you wrote I meant that they can send email to external email accounts. Accessing from DII is still forbiden
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Use your own email account. What use is an address you can only check once per week?

    You will learn soon enough that there is no TA input whatsoever into regular army thinking.

  6. One of my officers was using armynet, because people can use that Email on Dii and normal computers.
  7. you have to put in the subject heading


    before the subject for it to go external
  8. Its all down to cost (though we are not talking much individually) you need to find out who your authorised demander (AD) is, You should then be able to submit a business case for EGS.

    You could PM me your DIIF external e-mail ( i will then contact you via DiiF), i am an AD for DIIF and maybe able to help you track down yours.
  9. My favorite DII stupidity was giving all the TA blokes JPA log ons but no DII log ons, priceless, particularly when they made JPA part of the bounty requirement, and started on the blokes for not using JPA.
  10. If this has been done then you should find that you have generic access terminals around your camp that are designated to provide JPA access for those without their own DII account.

    These terminals are located in the cookhouse and the guardroom at my old place. They are assigned heavily restricted accounts that only provide access to the JPA system and have no other applications or any email account allocated. They are logged on by the staff in those buildings at the start of the working day and are shut down when the last person leaves.

    This allows the 600 or so soldiers and officers to have access to their JPA accounts without the need for them all to be allocated DII accounts that would only be used to get onto the JPA system. Much simpler for everyone.

    Edited to add: How is this an Arrse Site Issue?
  11. Travis, I think the clue to the query from Morris was in the wording... "TA blokes" are won't have a camp, guardroom, or cookhouse. Therefore no DII terminal in them! But if they did... 600 blokes trying to use one DII machine in a guardroom - rather not thanks. We do, in fairness have a DII machine setup in our TAC for use by personnel who otherwise would not have access. It just seems that when DII / JPA etc. was dreamt up, the reserve forces weren't properly taken into consideration - hence the helpdesks never open at weekends! I am not going to moan about the system anymore, as it could be a lot worse.

    Back to my original question, have any TA soldiers/officers got an EGS (ex-IGS) account? Does anybody have a definitive answer as to whether TA personnel are entitled to an EGS account?

  12. Like was said above, you don’t need and IGS account. Insert the words Release-Authorised: in the subject heading line of your outlook E-Mail and you can access outside E-mail addresses.
  13. Just ring SPOC on 188 (I think :? ) and ask for an IGS account.
  14. Heaven forbid a government IT project would have gaps in it. 8O
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    PD - firstly you are wrong. many TA users have EGS and have standard accounts.

    Bushnut - Give your ATLAS Customer Service Manager or DII Group Estate Management team a call, they should sort you out. If you don't know who they are, call the SPOC and they should be able to tell you. Failing that PM me and I might be able to help you.