DII and Outlook Macros


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Are we allowed to write macros for Outlook on DII/F? When I was on /C I seem to remember there being an issue about them but I'm not sure and don't know where to check.

If we are, can anyone offer some VB advice or point me in the direction of a useful coding site? I want something that lets me pick which account (personal/role) I'm sending from and automatically add the release phrase to emails I'm sending externally. It'd make life soooo much easier!
You can add a button in outlook to add the release phrase on a new email, it's easy, there's no problem in doing it.

Writing macros can be iffy depending on what you do with them. Security see them as a big no-no.
Not sure about the role bit, but there is certainly a macro for the release phrase - I have a feeling its the same as for C just check the lastest 'phrase'


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Cheers lads. There wouldn't be a security issue as it just automates functions already available (adding things to the "From" and "Subject" fields) with a bit of user input. Now I just need to work out how to write in VB :)

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