DII and EDS the future?

EDS was sued by the Inland revenue in 2005 for it's flawed IT outsourcing to EDS. Seems EDS settled out of court and finally paid back a lump sum to HMRC of £25m of the £71.25m claimed. The question is how much longer until the MOD get EDS into court over DII(F)?

EDS Cough Up

The most worrying quote from the article seems to indicate a little more than a few back hander's were on the table for more government contracts.

"We were not supposed to know either that more than £26m of the compensation was subject to EDS's winning future UK government contracts. In fact, EDS did not win as much business as it had expected and its payments to HMRC trickled in."
Soon i hope seeing as DII has been U/S in our lines since Monday! :evil:
I do have a little sympathy for EDS (possibly against my better judgement) because although they have fcuked things up across a whole raft of public sector contracts the civil service is as much to blame with wooly thinking and unrealistic expectations of what a commercial organisations whose first duty is to its shareholders is going to do.

Like the article says, its probably a good will gesture to clear the decks and allow themselves back into the club of outsource organisations lining up to take a big fat slice of Gordons public sector largesse that is coming up

The public sector still hasn't realised that when you outsource something the organisations doing the job do not have a public service ethos but a profit ethos, thats why they invariably do not meet expectations because EDS and their ilk aren't in business to cover mistakes, go the extra mile or anything other than what is written into the contract.

You want something else, pay me


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We're neatly caught now. Although there are big problems with DII transition etc etc - we're moving in the right direction. If EDS goes bust for whatever reason, then we really would be proper f*cked.


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EDS are owned by General Motors who are in serious financial difficulties at the moment and are waiting for a Goverment handout .
I thought Hewlett Packard just bought EDS, hence them seeing the bigger picture and coughing up, in order to get back into the Governments good books for the forthcoming splurge in public spending


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smudge67 said:
menacingboots said:
The Chinese have just bought HP

Well I've just bought China :)

As a board member of Solar System Enterprises I have a 40% stake in Earth, so 'kin ner :p


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If EDS is the answer, then it must have been a 'kin stupid question FFS!


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EDS have recently been found guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation over a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Article here.

A few interesting points:

In 2002, BSkyB brought the case against EDS, alleging that claims made by the sales team regarding how quickly, efficiently and cheaply it could install a customer relationship management (CRM) system amounted to fraudulent misrepresentation after the system ran over time and over budget.
Seem familiar?

There has always been a disparity between what is sold and what is delivered
are we getting there yet?

Those who have oversold systems and services in the past and left the technology guys to fill in the gaps are going to be really worried about this ruling.”
Good job this doesn't happen in Defence Procur .... oh bugger!

Moreover, the judge’s ruling was likely to be heavily influenced by the fact that EDS’s key witness in this area – Joe Galloway, who was managing director for CRM solutions at EDS at the time – was shown to have misled the court after he was found to have obtained his degree from the internet.
Galloway was even shown in court to have gained a worse mark in his fake degree than Lulu, the opposition QC’s miniature schnauzer.
for comedy value!