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A while ago, the "lamp and Sandbag Forum" wouldn't let those of us on DII (DII(C) for anyone who wants to be pedantic) in.

Now I can't seem to access the Help, More Arrse, Purple Gang or Membership sections. The little finger icon thing just changes back to a writing cursor thing.

Is this affecting any other DII bods or is it just me?

Do the Dad's have a solution?
No there is obviously a problem with the menu and some users' systems as I think we discussed elsewhere, although I don't think this DII related.

Do any of the pull down menus work for you?

Assuming not and you can only access the main headings, but no pull down options:

I don't want to move away from the new menu, but will produce a menu page that the dead header links lead to (eg More ARRSE) rather than relying on the pull down menu. I could also add links to the footer. This won't happen immediately though, but I'll do it as I get the revised themes online in the coming weeks.


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Also on DII, I can get into Lamp & Sandbag (Handy, as I'm the Mod) but am unable to see the Gallery for some reason. No idea why, I can see it fine at home.
I can click on the wiki one and it takes me to the hompage, but I seem to remember that it used to have a drop down for accessing different parts (Home Page, Recent Posts, etc). That drop down list dosen't appear.

It looks like I can click on the ones that take me direct to another page (like the forums and shop). To be honest the only ones I'm interested in are the Blogs (I know it's also in a forum now) and the Gallery. I can't access stuff like chat from DII anyway.

Thanks. Yes there are pull downs on all of them, but some also have the top level word itself as a link. I'll get this sorted to be more old browser / DII friendly as soon as I have a moment.

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