digs pompey

Just after a bit of intel reference portsmouth and chichester, im after some really cheap accom due to work any one got any suggestions for pubs, b+bs or hol parks?
Where will you be working?
If in S.Sea, try Pembroke Park Hotel on Bellvue/Kings Terrace, just near the Hovercraft.
The afformentioned places on Waverly/Festing are equally acceptable, and are a couple of miles over.
Bung me a P.M if you need any other details.
Pub wise, head to the Hard! Avoid Guildhall Walk, as its grim! Gunwharf is nice but expensive.
ill actually be working chichester but had a feeling it would be on the expensive side so just assumed pompey would be my best bet, ill certainly look into southsea, just that bit of intel was gonna save me parading round the streets trying to find somewhere lastminute.com. Cheers for the replys the info will be put to good use.
If you stay in Pompey, don't forget to allow for the bloody aweful traffic in and out and along the M27/A27.
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