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Dignity, decorum, and sense of occasion

We seem in this country to rapidly be losing all sense of occasion and the traditional dignity and decorum once applied in times of stress whether personal or national.
The Press feeds on the public appetite for sensationalism; this becomes almost a drug as the people demand more and more superficial stimulation, and the whole decends into a downward spiral of rapidly degrading rubbish while important issues pass us by.
Selfishness, self-aggrandisement, and an over-whelming belief that we are more important than any other single thing has led us to a point from which there is little chance of return.
The quiet dignity of those like Mr Nigel Moffett, who lost his son LCpl Nigel Moffett of the Light Dragoons on 30th May this year, should be an example to us all.
His words on losing his son;
"He was a gentle soul and the eldest son. He had seven brothers and sisters and his late mother always said he was the most fantastic son and he was her right arm in bringing up his siblings.
"Nigel was a career soldier who wanted to make the Army his focus throughout his entire career. He made his Army his home and the Army treated him like their son.
"Nigel felt he was prepared for operations in that he was well trained and had the right tools for the job. Both he and his family understood that ultimately he could die although we didn't want this to happen. Ultimately, Nigel was a soldier."

Mr Moffett then spent the next three months composing a tribute, not just to his son, but to all casualties of war. We heard that tribute on Sunday last.

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