Digitisation...The way backwards?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by wibblefishbanana, May 12, 2003.

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  1. Wish list for Digitisation Stage 1 Staff:

    a.  A job.
    b.  An office.
    c.  A computer.
    d.  A career.
    e.  An AFB203.
    f.   DS2 application form.
    g.  AF 363
    h.  Cancellation of Request to transfer.
    i.   Free stable belt
    j.   XXL T Shirt.
    k.  Definately more PT
    l.   Moral injections
    m. 'Rolls Royce' (not Skoda) positive and effective career management.
    n.  Staff Officer lie detector (will accept MCM Div lie detector)
    o.  Hair
    p.  Free mess dress (Corps of your choice)
    q.  Explanation as to what 'Ringfenced' actually means.
    r.  Senior DBA democratic election process.
  2. an addition to the above....

    No questions asked sports afternoons for WO2's when on cse at Jav Hse ::)
  3. Reference your last, it's a long time since I've had to ask permission to skive off for a day to play golf!

    From the reaction to my request you'd have thought that I'd missed a dental inspection!

    Wanted, one GP3 App Op/Instructor required to join well rehearsed professional training team....Must have good communication skills and be willing to change your lessons plans with little or no notice.
  5. Sounds like a job for a NATO officer (apart from the bit about good comms skills!) ;D
  6. Perhaps the officer in question would consider an ideal short term contract employment opportunity as a bitch.. then he would know how it feels when someone f&#ks him ;D
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. ...and a big fat ooooooooops to OC webpages  ;D
  9. rofl.... ;D absolutely brilliant and rather typical link. There lies a comprehensive summary of what the British Army knows about Digitisation :-[
  10. MSR,

    Point well made, how often do we hear about digitisation from people who know nothing about it?
  11. Digitization appears in the dictionary between dick & dildo - kinda sums up the Army's approach to it! ;D
  12. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    well what do you expect?
    i mean any one who buys Apache and then finds out that Bowman will not work in it has to be a bit mad
    at least we fitted decent engines to our helicopters, so good the Yanks want to fit our engines to theirs now
    great heli, shame it won't be able to communicate with any of our troops!!
  13. What do you want Bowman in the AH for???....Dont you need some sort of pilot to fly the damn thing first ;D
  14. I wish I could work for a TNC give up my main employment - make the guys I work into the ground canel their leave spend time from their families at weekends in work for not even a small thanks - it must be great to be a Father That Relashies Seeing his kids (FTRS) :p

    At least there is one consolation  - Not
  15. erm.....Subtitles please???  ;D