Digitisation Stage one to End

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by GP3_Bunny, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. Just received an internal notice to say:

    All those on DS1 will not be extended past Dec 2005.

    Reality: all those on DS1 have the option to request their last 6 months in UK as of May 2005, As of Feb 2005 most of those remaining in DS1 will be in their last 9 months - which means there are some challenges ahead.

    With all that has been learned, if we are mostly to leave we need the replacements NOW - where are they and what courses have they done.

    Please, please do not say they have done just computer courses - they need to do more - may I temperatly say have worked in a CORPS HQ and done Staff Duties - if you think I am way off the mark - so be it - it is the system that is niave

    Most of the guys have now started GRT so IF the ARRC deploys who will back fill ???

    Also with ARRCC2IS coming online in Feb 2006 who will have the skill sets
  2. I picked up on some of your points in another thread a while back gp3. Its obvious that the correctly trained people are not readilly available, and if there are any, their probably working on Cormorant or another new system.

    The quicker you get your replacements in post, and start passing over the knowledge that has been gained so far, the better.
  3. Thank you for your reply, it is my intention now to open a debate that is formative and constructive, all that has been said on DS1 is historical, lets move forward and continue to improve all the great things that have been done by all involved at 16 Sigs including Fudge at H Troop :wink: .

    I firmly believe that engaged debate needs to be brought forward, I hope I can articulate this through this medium.

    GP3 or whatever ARRC goes forward with needs people from ALL the cap badges to bring to the party diverse knowledge - this is a very, very big subject which requires each stakeholder that has a vested interest to be aware sooner rather than later that the train moving through the tunnel is getting closer.

    I shall be leaving in Sept to pastures a new - I hope I can move on by ensuring the excellent team at 16 Sigs are well placed to support their respective taskings (and these are Many)
  4. GP3 Bunny,

    Let me hazzard to guess at the replacements;

    Snr Cpl/Sgt IS Ops who do not want to go Supvr IS, or
    Snr Cpl/SSgt Technicians who the system cant find jobs for or do not want to do Foremans.

    The Corps has not lied on this one, the DS1 guys were always told time-up was Dec 05, they have never said otherwise and it would also be wrong to give them extra continuance when some people with time left have something to offer and gain.

    Excellent work done by DS1, but time is coming up and they shold look to see if any others can have a go. Should there be no suitable, then maybe another round out of them may be necessry (if their pacemakers can last that long) :wink:
  5. Nope - they're definitely not working on Cormorant. The 2 Regts dealing with it are really strapped for IS Engrs. Never mind...the system still doesn't work anyway. An £80million bargain! :(

  6. Everyone is strapped for IS engineers PD, with demand on the rise all the time. Unless a training miricle is pulled out of the bag this year, the situation will only get worse - and that still wont mean you have suitable candidates to be employed in DS1.

    My Cormorant comment came from me knowing people with oracle experience who are involved with the project, therefore these types are a comodity at the moment, and i've heard nothing on the grapevine about another tranche of database training going ahead. I know there is more to DS1 than oracle, but its the specialists that are going to be hard to find. "Experienced IS Engineer Cpls and Sgts who dont want to go Supvr IS", it suggests a new slogan "DS1, where IS Engineers go to die" :wink:

    And has Cormorant only cost 80 million? I'll have 2 and bugger the expence :D
  7. Not in on this at all, can someone please explain what DS1 is all about, honestly I dont have a clue, and it keeps on popping up on threads??
  8. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    Digitization Stage 1 (DS1) is the term used to describe the collection of projects that together contribute to an initial digitization capability before the introduction of the Command and Battlespace Management (Land) initiative. The main capability sought is an interim Battle (field) Management System (BMS) to assist the command and control within Headquarters Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC).

    DS1 comprises various projects:

    GP3 is a Battlefield Management System that provides command and control support, including the capability to display situational awareness information locally and between HQs.
    AP3 is a personnel tracking application. This application is being used as the OPLOC tracking system in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Op TELIC.
    Hardware, infrastructure and software in the form of the Army Tactical Command System (ATacCS).
  9. Thank you for putting this so succinctly for those interested please look at the following site


    As for the replacement manpower should we not again look to the other MCMs to trawl for the replacements
  10. My pacemaker is long since gone 8) You are completly right we have always been told Dec 05, would it however be wrong (for those who want it) to receive more continuance !!!

    I think each case should be on merit - happy to discuss this one further
  11. There is Oracle trg on the horizon...dates close to be announced. Probably 4 pers each from from 2 and 30 Sigs, though we're still unsure whether IS Engr and DBA roles can sit together successfully. It's hard to tell, since we still haven't gone on exercise with it yet - that happens in a few weeks and I'll decide then.

    There's only two things Cormorant can't do yet...voice and data. Pretty important really!
  12. oh well nothing to worry about there then!
    sure it will all come clean in the wash?
  13. Ha - like sayng ,execellent car Mr Jones, only problem is that it dont move!
  14. GP3 Bunny Said

    GP3 Bunny :) - You seem to know your stuff on this particular subject. My point to add to your final comment above is that sadly the Army do not understand the significance of what the whole Digitisation process is all about.

    I have my own 6 points as to why the digitisation process will fail and they are:

    •Lack of any real understanding of the strategic importance of Information and Information Management.
    •Lack of Leadership and Direction from the Senior Staff.
    •Lack of ownership by the User Community.
    •Different systems in barracks to that deployed = skills fade.
    •Lack of properly trained deployable System Administrators and Data Administrators.
    •Lack of user training.

    Until these issues are addressed I’m afraid that the train is going to ride straight over the top of us! :cry:
  15. rubicon,

    The train is hooting and the light is bright - I feel you may be right :oops: