Digitisation - 16 Sig Regt - They are here

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Lied2, Sep 30, 2003.

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  1. For those wanting to know why the IS lot at 16 are not on this site - too much became very offensive and emotive if you want to know why then go to:

  2. F*%$IN HELL

    I've just worked out how to get on here and you all piss off!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  3. Offensive??? That's the whole point of being here is it not? Stimulate emotive debate etc? Tis great sport..lambs to the slaughter :wink:

    And there is no need for further publicity thank you, one does not want just any riff raff visiting ones site.
  4. and.................... :oops: :oops: :oops: so what are you doing now
  5. Heard about that from our IS Eng PSI (from the NE), any really good old subjects/topics that could do with being reactivated?
    (Especially the one where he tries to arrange a fight? or was that just a rumour)
  6. What are the IS lot still doing in 16 SR anyway??

    From when I was in Germany many moons ago the IS engs were all at 7SR

    They only got 'Temporarily' moved from 7 SR to 16 while 7 did a stint down the Falklands.

    Is this another case of typical 16 SR power building, the fact that they have not given you back to the unit that actually do the HQs??

    Does it give them a feeling of power that 7 SR have to 'borrow' you to do an exercise?

    Although 16SR is the smaller of the 2 Regt's and has considerably less dealing with the HQ and staff it still seems to have a 'mightier than though' attitude!
  7. not sure about th history, but yes, 16 sigs IS troop mostly deploys with 7 sigs. If it is a big ARRC build, nearly all of the troop go to 7 Sigs for manning MAIN and the digi dets. 16 Only do RSC and maybe excon, so you often find that the IS guys are more familiar with 7 sigs's guys!!