Digital TV - Low signal strength in Shrewsbury and Telford...why?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rodney2q, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Having switched to DTV I now have dozens of channels of shoite on freeview but last night most of them were unwatchable due to low signal strength. My mate who lives in telford has a similar problem.

    It mostly occurs in high winds or bad weather but as we are less than 15 miles from the Wrekin transmitter I don't think that the bad weather is an excuse.

    Not being a techie sort myself, can anyone enlighten me as to the cause of this and is there anything I can do to fix it?


  2. Spookily, I experience exactly the same problem but my location is approx 200 miles from you. My TV aerial is in the attic so it's not physically affected by the weather and the worst affected channels are Dave, Quest, ITV 2, Sky 3 (channel 11).
  3. Put a signal booster between the aerial and your TV.
  4. Get Freesat.
  5. Can you define what your are experiencing, i.e, no picture but audio, freezing, pixalation/block type display?

    Its your tv digital or do you use an digital to analouge converter?

    And what arial type to you have, what state is the RF cable in, and if you have a signal amp, how old is it?
  6. I've already got a signal amplifier installed. I just can't figure out why the signal is degrading in high winds, it's not as if the 1s and 0s are being blown off course.
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  7. Creature, the TV is digital, RF coax is in very good condition with all terminations being sound and amp is 24 months old.

    The picture quality (when it's affected) is the typical lack of digital signal, freezes and dissapears. It's not just my house that's affected though, my neighbours are also experiencing the same.
  8. This is (was?) a known issue. Several muxes began transmitting at well below full power. It was planned to increase the power at Wrekin (and others in the West Mids area) on 28 September but whether it happened is a different story.

    More info here -->

    If you haven't retuned (rescan to find channels) since 28 September I'd give it a try to see if that fixes things.
  9. In my case I don't know about the condition of the coax and ariel but they have never given us any problems to date.

    We get a lot of pixelation with a low signal message and the sound goes off almost immediately.

    Thanks for the replies though, at least it seems that it's not just me with a problem!

  10. I believe that some of the DTV signals are susceptible to local interference, sometimes from wireless networks and other sources.

    It doesn't help that the "switchover" seems to have been a random date picked out of the air for when they switch off the analogue signal, but not necessarily when the replacement DTV signal is fully installed and transmitting at its full power. In East Anglia the switchover was in April, however we are still experiencing a need to retune the sets almost every week, as they move channels across the multiplexes, and according to the website they have still to achieve full power transmission on the DTV service.
  11. Perhaps you have trees near to your TV antenna?
  12. Anyone living in Telford deserves all the shit they get.******* hole.
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  13. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    funny you should mention this , i cant get a decent signal on my htc phone or tom tom for the past 4 weeks WHATS GOING ON ??
  14. No mate I live next to a beach, no trees just the wind blown detritus of a thousand dog poo bags.