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If you are based near Edinburgh - and have the skills to read this short post, the Salvation Army are looking for two people to help in Edinburgh area.

Suit someone looking for a part time role, 12 month Fixed Term contract. Salary probably pish - but location beats the North Sea !

Work for The Salvation Army | The Salvation Army

Digital Skills Officer x2 (16 hours per week, Fixed Term)
Fixed Term Contract until February 2021

We are seeking to recruit 2 Digital Skills Officers, to deliver a variety of non-accredited IT lessons to empower service users to engage in the improvement of their employability and well-being, whilst providing support and assistance to promote and encourage ...[more details];​
• Location: Edinburgh

• Region: Scotland - Edinburgh and Lothians

• Job reference: V05746

• Application closing date: 03/02/2020​

Posted for the good and benefit of the Arrse Troop.

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