Digital Radio - Comments?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ciggie, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. I don't know if this has been threaded already, but how do you feel about FM being rubbed out? I wonder if it'll really be any kind of improvement on service. Perhaps it's just a way of freeing up waveband like digital tv. I'll be sorry to bin my trusty Bush clock radio.
  2. Common sense seems to have prevailed and FM is not now going to be rubbed out in 2015 ... per BBC News Radio 4 this morning .
    Digital Radio has been the subject of some discussion inn this forum ... use the new search option ... it now seems excellent to find threads .

    Edited to add link to BBC Digital News ... BBC News - Setback for UK digital radio move

    I liked this bit ..

    "So listeners need to be persuaded that the content on offer is compelling, that the quality is high and that digital radios, at home or in the car, are affordable and have listening quality that is at least as good as FM."

    So some , long , way to go yet .
  3. Very long way to go yet, DAB should be run alongside FM, in the same way as FM used to be run alongside AM stations some years ago.

    DAB reception is patchy to say the least, perfectly fine for static radio but portable radio reception is not good, and DAB takes considerably more power to run. Then there is the issue of car radios which are 99.9% FM/AM at the moment. Simply binning DAB in 2015 was never going to work, but what could one expect from the old government!

    There are issues with standardisation to be resolved before DAB will become a popular format, there is a DAB+ variant, which is not upgradable in compatibility with DAB receivers, and different standards of DAB are being used throughout Europe. Who wants to buy equipment that will fall into disuse within 3 or 4 years....

    All in all this mornings announcement about DAB being run together with FM is a good one. There is no rush to close FM, as that bandwidth has not been proposed for new services or even sold off.
  4. Agreed with most of the above. I have a DAB in the office - fairly limited range of stations to choose from although the 2 that I would listen to (Radio 1 and Test Match Special) work ok. It does pick up some random crap like 1extra and BBCAsian though. Strangely, it doesn't pick up some of the local stations that Mrs BoF would listen to if the radio was at home and not in the office. I know they transmit on DAB, but no reception.
  5. Sh1t, I still listen to stuff on shortwave.
  6. Me too, until recently living abroad (not in a BFBS area) you get to rely on Radio 4 longwave, Radio 5 and World Service for news, sadly the World Service Short Wave service has been reduced over recent years in favour of BBC World on TV. Curiously my Hifi has AM/FM/DAB features which is handy, and surely the best use for DAB is in addition to existing services, rather than seen as a replacement.

    One disadvantage of DAB is that there is a considerable delay in reception, due to signal processing delays, making things like an accurate time check over public radio nearly impossible.
  7. DAB is crap in my area, south east coast. We have a DAB/FM radio but most of the time it stays on FM, or indeed off! Very high power consumption: it eats batteries. I still listen to LW most of the time because FM reception is very unreliable. They need to do a lot to DAB before I'll part with hard earned cash for another set.
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Personally, I love DAB. If only for the fact that I can get BBC7 and listen to all the old radio comedy shows, as well as some good serials. But then, I'm an old fart anyway.
  9. I used DAB in Nottingham & SE London on one of those dinky Denon tuner/CD/amp jobs with a small T-shaped wire aerial. I absolutely loved it & if anythaing was depressed that there weren't more hours in the day to listen to all the good music & old comedy.

    The set never got twitchy except for the time delay. My Aged Ps have a pretty good portable set in S Oxon, but this constantly loses signal & I spent about 20 minutes one evening holding the thing above my head so the dear old white haired mother could hear the end of her serial.
  10. DAB reception is a load of old bollox in my area. Really and truly shyte. Till the powers that be sort out this mess I'll stick with XFM on FM!
  11. Get yourself a GPS clock Bob. Accurate to a millionth of a second. Or one of those radio controlled clocks - accurate to a thousandth of a second.

    Cant you get all of those new, fangled stations like BBC7 through the telly on Sky and Freeview?
  12. Ten pages on the topic here:
  13. DAB, load of **** and is a different system to the rest of teh world… just like HD TV then.

    Piss poor quality sound, bloody aweful reception and being as how my car came with a £1,500 Alpine sound system and Sat Nav, I'm not too bloody chuffed at the idea of FM being scrapped.
  14. Anyone on here technical enough to throw a guess as to why there might be an anxious need ( definitely with tv) to clear a big swathe of waveband ? Might be for commercial purposes, might be else. With digital tv, there is going to be in the region of 7 - 8 free 'channels' after all the bells and whistles of digital, dunno how much radio will free up. Interests me, especially having read some background stuff, not for public consumption, about the tv changeover. If not a rat, I do sense a funny odour about the whole thing.