Digital Poppy & Mobile Poppy

I know i am early but wanted to highlight this before it was too late.
It is now a month until Armistice Day.
If you look at my avatar you will see the digital poppy, Why not show your support for the Royal British Legion and of course your act of remembrance by adding this avatar to any forums you belong to.


Is it possible to make a donation to RBL via Arrse/ t'internet and hence earn your virtual poppy?
Done. Good call.
I am up for it.
Donation made too.
You can also make a yearly pledge to the RBL, all done by direct debit. No forms to fill in or boxes to tick. You do it once, dedicate an amount and name a date that you want to make your contribution. Then once a year ( I do it on my birthday ) The RBL take your donation...... job done.
Thoroughly and unashamedly support this - GOOD IDEA!

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