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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by vandyke, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. vandyke

    vandyke LE

    I know i am early but wanted to highlight this before it was too late.
    It is now a month until Armistice Day.
    If you look at my avatar you will see the digital poppy, Why not show your support for the Royal British Legion and of course your act of remembrance by adding this avatar to any forums you belong to.

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  2. Phillip-Kotler

    Phillip-Kotler Old-Salt


    thanks for that. P-K
  3. admag

    admag Old-Salt

    nice one
  4. ShortFatBloke

    ShortFatBloke Old-Salt

  5. Weston01

    Weston01 Swinger

    Cheers for that
  6. ShortFatBloke

    ShortFatBloke Old-Salt

    Unashamed bump.
  7. Is it possible to make a donation to RBL via Arrse/ t'internet and hence earn your virtual poppy?
  8. whocares

    whocares Old-Salt

    Great idea, the poppy
  9. BigRed

    BigRed War Hero

    Happy to oblige
  10. vandyke

    vandyke LE

  11. londontown

    londontown Old-Salt

    um...being more than a little stupid i have absolutely no idea how to make said poppy my avatar...might someone oblige me and instruct? dudders
  12. vandyke

    vandyke LE

    Check you PM's dudders
  13. Done. Good call.
  14. Cracking Idea guys.

    Lest we forget
  15. I am up for it.
    Donation made too.