Digital Photo frames - which one?

Thinking of getting a digi photo frame as a present for my parents who have a digi camera but not a computer. Loads on the market.
Will spend about 60 - 80 squids, 7" size or so......any advice on best one to buy?
My parents love theirs. I dont think you need to spend more than £ 80 on one. (Makro do em for £70.00)
I paid about £55.00 and another £15 on a memory card, raided their house while they were on holiday, scanned all the family photos and put them on the digi frame.
Best present ever they said.
when they want new piccies on it they fetch card to my house along with their digi camera and I load em on.

parents love em!

The Kodak Easyshare SV710 got a good wright up from Which. List price £ 80.00, but going for around £ 65.00 on E-Bay.

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