Digital FAC


Yet another blatent begging for info.

Looking for SOPs etc on the FAC role, especially anyone who has any experience of USMC FAC and their digital systems.
How is the job done now and does anybody have any experience with upcoming datalink systems.

Answers on a postcard please, either here otr to my PM box.

As always, confidence assured and genuine background can be proven.


Try to get a copy of the USMC JFIRES pamphlet. Should answer a lot of the questions.
What are you asking for info on FACing on this for? If you seriously need it for work then you should contact the relevant agencies (ie JFACTSU at Leeming), not ask people on a website (think OPSEC). I am an FAC but I wouldn't start posting SOPs or anything else on a website for anyone to read.
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