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Digital camera.

I just wanted to let anyone who needs a camera and accessories know about a bargain I got on Ebay, the camera is a Vivitar 3935 ( though he has others, and this camera is recommended on all the sites I have looked at ) it has 5.25 megapixels 3 x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, I also bought one 256 and one 512 SD memory cards, one pocket battery charger ( which is a great bit of kit, it has adaptors for all countries and fold up to not much more than the size of a matchbox, it comes with 2 AA rechargable batteries ), a pack of 4 rechargable batteries, all this came to £143 inclusive of VAT and P&P, the parcel took just one day to come.
I am absolutely in no way connected to the seller except for buying the items above, its just such a good deal I wanted to let you all know.
Sorry, I just went to get the link but there isnt anything there at the moment, I will get back when he starts selling again.
Redd said:
Anyone interested the seller no longer sells on Ebay, but if you want to take a look here is his site url http://www.kandj-enterprises.co.uk/build.html mention that BBCoaster sent you and you will get a very nice discount, alternatively you could go for a refurbished very expensive Fuji.
This might interest those above http://www.anoraknation.com/news/
Hmm. Pay your money and take your choice. I have 2 Fuji refurbs, an F610, and an F700. Both have significantly higher spec than the best of the Vivitar cameras, and cost around 2/3 of the price. Fuji have a reputation for excellent colour reproduction, build quality, and tech support.

There are lots of good cameras on the market, and the technology keeps improving. Ultimately it depends on what the user wants, and what they find suits them best.
I agree with choosing a camera to suit your needs, but, I paid in auction for a brand new camera £70! compare with F610 refurbished = £159.99 and the F700= £135.99, on the above site the Vivitar 3935 is £140 ( from memory ) but as I have said mention BBCoaster and you will get a significant discount, email the seller using that name and ask for a quote.
The best deal on that site is for accessories, and remember the price you see is not what you will pay, the memory cards are at the lowest price you will find and thats before the discount, if you dont buy anything else buy the battery charger and a set of 4 rechargable batteries, you will need them and they are just so cheap.
My feeling is if you are going to take a digital camera to say Iraq it is best not to take your best and probably expensive camera into very testing conditions. :)

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