Digital camera cleaning.

Discussion in 'Photography' started by spiffy, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. I have a Canon digital SLR and it could do with a good internal clean, the self cleaning sensor isn't doing any good. The manual says not to try cleaning the sensor yourself and should be done professionally.

    Ha anyone had ago at cleaning the sensor them selves or have any recommendations as to what is a good company to send the camera to.

    Ta muchly.
  2. Jessops do a full service on DSLRs. No idea on quality or price though.
  3. Legs, are you on commission?
  4. Find yourself a good local company rather than Jessops. I get mine cleaned at a small family shop in Leeds, back to factory levels of cleaniless for £65. It helps in the long run with reliability and mirror box issues. Plus, also means you don't spend hours on Photoshop removing dust spots from your images. :x

    edited to add...don't fcuk about with it yourself! Unless you know what you're doing and have airspray tools then its just not worth trashing several hundred pounds worth of kit
  5. Cleaning your DSLR sensor yourself should be a straightforward operation if you take care. I have cleaned my own camera sensors several times. I use the product called Dust Aid but there are many other products on the market. The choice is basically wet clean or dry clean. This link might help you make a decision
  6. I've had good results with dust-aid in the past too. Have also used the Nikon service centre in Glasgow for full-on cleaning and service when required.
  7. I use my local camera dealer which is also a repair shop.

    Coincidentally, it's also the UK repair centre used by Olympus and a few other manufacturers. Saves 1-2 weeks on the turn-round time compared with sending it to the address in the manual as it misses out two lots of postage. :)

    Oh, go on, then. I'll share the info:

    OK, so they carnt spel.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    If in needs any more cleaning than just blowing the loose dust off the sensor then get it done professionally.

    Find a local independent Canon Service Centre to do the job, rather than send it to Canon UK itself, as they tend to do a better job.

    If you are near London this lot service the bodies for a large number of pro photogs, both Canon and Nikon:

    £30 for prosummer level and £60 for pro.

    Whilst you are at it a full service will only cost £120 or there abouts.

    There is a full list of other service centres here:

    If it is only a light dust problem there are numerous guides on the net, including the one mentioned above, and this PDF from Canon's in house EOS magazine:
  9. Also, if they have a branch in your area, try Calumet Photographic - they sorted my DSLR out for me. Jessops didn't want to know, but they did tell me about this lot.
    Website is: