Digital Cam replacing DPM?

I've heard we're switching to US Marine style 'digi-cam' rather than DPM as soon as 2007. Any truth in this? Seems unlikely to me.
Dream on. How long did it take Combat 95 stuff to come in.

If it did happen its another step of us being 1 uk div of the us army.


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digicam makes you look like a fecking space marine or something, dont understand it either, it's squares, nothing in natures square?
Apparently the little squares give imaging devices problems
This is all to do with the FIST and where the Infantry are going with regards to equipment. The FIST covers the complete range from Helmets, Clothing, Weapons, Imaging Devices etc etc Obviously 'Digi Cam' is probably being looked at along with a range of other options so it is entirely possible that the Future Infantry could be wearing such camoflage. It is however very doubtful that we will be wearing it by 2007 as the FIST hasn't even published the details of the study yet.
I was told a similar thing stoaty. It gives the NVGs problems and it supposedly does not lose its camoflaging ability after repeated washing like current pattern structures. Whether my mate was talking out of his arrse remains to be seen.
Hm, as with most thing it'd be nice to have but from what I hear you wouldn't be getting it when you need it

Still least it won't be as bad as this take on desert pink:

o_O I certainly hope not.
And anyone been issued Soldier 2000 yet????
Actually we (i.e. the UK) first invented the concept of 'digital produced visual camouflage' but like so much else, we didn't have the money or the will to go ahead with it. We gave it to the Canadians on the understanding that we could 'buy' it back for free at some point in the future, possibly for use with the next tranche of combat clothing (see elsewhere on ARRSE).

It is unlikely that we will go ahead with this style of cam, as our current style is well known the world over and let's face it - the US don't need any more reasons to brass us up... :D
I saw Sophie Wessex in the Hello! the other day, sporting Canadian digital cam and looking rather fetching.

Once I got beyond my sexual attraction to a minor Royal, I found it mildly interesting that she and the punters she was with actually blended into the background rather well. I think this has something to do with another of the claimed merits of digital cam, which is that it is truly randomised rather than being (as ours currently is) a painting and thus the work of the hand of Man (and so easier for the eye of Man to detect).

See here:

Now, back to my reading. Hello! or Defence Recognition Journal? Pretty much the same thing, I guess.
Dr Evil is right digital Cam does blend in very well. I seem to remember that the STANOC Centre did a trial and came up with the suggestion that we should adopt the Canadian stuff ASP.

I have seen the canadian stuff and the german stuff work very well in very heavy vegitation. I am not so sure about the II having problems - a bit of a far fetched rumour I expect!!
By the miracle of Google, I bring you a website dedicated to a willy-waving competition between the Canadians and the US Marines about who invented digital cam. No mention of it having been thought up first by a couple of boffins in Blighty, however, although the author says elsewhere in the site "Prior to CADPAT, British DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) led the world in concealment competitions":

Loads of useful links. If you're a geekazoid.

By the way, what's a concealment competition? Hide and seek?

Being a diligent sort, I've edited my post above re Sophie Wessex to link to Hello! article, complete with picture of her in CADPAT. Squirt!
I'll stick to my salad suit while I'm sat here in my office surrounded by acres of concrete and tarmac!
It is actually bloody good stuff. Gives you a headache looking at it when indoors but blends in with the shrubbery miraculously well. Military Morons do a pretty good comparison between all sorst of patterns on their website, worth a look.
It looks alot like Flecktarn, which I've always thought to be quite good. Personally I think DPM works well though. Either way I'm not worried. if it changes fair enough if it doesn't never mind.
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