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After taking piccies on my digital compact camera I've decided that my pics could be much better, and in true "bad workman" style I'm blaming my camera.

I've decided to spend about £130ish on my next camera and have been poking around Amazon. I found the Fujifilm Finepix S2950 for £115 and am wondering if any of you lot have one or have used one? Are they any good?

I have a forerunner of this. I like the fact that it uses AA batteries, as I means I can carry spares and not bother about where and when I can recharge. The viewfinder is very good for bright conditions outdoors when LCD screens are useless. The only thing I think it lacks is the ability to manually focus, which has resulted in me not being able to take, for example, pictures of birds in flight, and close-ups of butterflies.
Buy a second hand/previously stolen DSLR of Ebay. You won't regret it (Unless its shit and damaged).

In all seriousness DSLR's are the way forward if you're even half interested in what you're snapping.


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I use a Fuji 3500, and apart from the lack of manual focus, and being a little slow between photographs its great, but to be honest some of the better Android phones have similar spec cameras,
Depends on how deep you want to get into photography,I started with a Fuji F10 then moved to a DSLR Canon 400D, at least with a DSLR you can swap lens to suit whatever you want to photograph. I replaced the compact camera with a Panasonic TZ8 but keep the Fuji with my fishing gear just in case.

The gear is evolving at a hell of a speed but if you want to ask questions as to the best camera for your money and budget go and have a chat on the Talk Photography™ website there are loads of amateurs and pros on there giving advice and there is also a sales section for gear.
If you are on a limited budget and after an excellent 'bridge' camera then I can recommend the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ 18:

Panasonic DMC FZ18 Review

I have had one for the last 3 years and it's an excellent all round camera, quick in low light and 18 x optical zoom (lens is equivalent to 28mm-504mm which would cost a small fortune for SLR).

Can be picked up on flea bay for around £145:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 | eBay
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