Digging tanks out of swamps

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Not beyond the realms of the possible:

In 2000, a T-34 Model 1943 was recovered that had spent 56 years at the bottom of a bog in Estonia.
The tank had been captured and used by retreating German troops, who dumped it in the swamp when it ran out of fuel.
The anaerobic environment of the bog preserved the tank and ensured there were no signs of oil leakage, rust, or other significant water damage.
The engine was restored to full working order.
Send pics and grid over
It's at the bottom of a very narrow gulley in a forestry block, ergo several mature trees have grown through the skeletal remains.


Very big business out east
They are robbing graves to get their hands on bits if kit.
I think a few years back the Germans officially protested about the amount of bodies being dug up and discarded.
Honourable digging teams treat the bones with respect and they get proper funerals. Scumbags dig up the bones (of either side) and throw them aside to get at the old medals and helmets.
Still a few things to dig up closer to home if anyone wants to get their hands grubby. There are at least a dozen LVTs in a pond near Peterborough for instance and one arrse member dug a Cromwell I think out of a vineyard on the south coast .
Those LTV Buffalos were used as part of a dyke wall and buried.

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