Digging One’s Grave With One’s Teeth.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StickyToffeePudding, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. As is commonly know ‘we dig our grave with our teeth’ so to speak.

    Having had last night’s chinky for brunch and consumed a 400g Toblerone and a large packet of Doritos washed down with the finest full fat Irn Bru in an attempt to prolong the life and lessen the waistline of the little lady whilst watching Mary Queen of Scots on C4, should I be worried?

    And yes, it's a slack day.
  2. Toblerone, I fucking hate Toblerone.

    Are you one of these cunts that buys the huge ones when going on holiday?
  3. :clap: For some strange reason that just made me laugh like feck! I have no idea why. 8O
  4. Good God no, no and thrice no!

    It was a prezzie (to the little lady from someone) and I thought I was doing her a favour keeping it of her ass and hips :D
  5. Im guilty of that :D

    The best part is when the apex of the triangular choccy smashes into the roof of your mouth 8O much to the amusement of the other half
  6. I'd like to meet the flid that actually thought making the thing triangular would help someone eat it?? It doesn't. You just stab the roof of your mouth. Shiite design.
  7. If you're a real hardcore masochist, then you freeze the toblerone, then try to eat it! :rage:
  8. You just know some cnut was laffing his moobs off when it passed the R&D phase!
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Fuck me Smudge if you were a bird you'd try and get the whole cucumber up your chuff in one go wouldn't you :twisted:

    The key to eating the big triangles is to bite bits off them, and fer you ald farts thats done have the teeth try a toffee hammer ( remember those?)
  10. Exactly my point and fail to see how someones holiday experience would be enhanced by purchacing 2 Foot of the fucking stuff.
  11. Bloody right I would! ;)
  12. The clubbing to death of shoe bombers with the triangle of pain might be its only saving grace as a holiday 'must have'!
  13. Because looking like a touristy cunt in airports is what we do :D
  14. Leave toblerone alone you wouldn`t like it up your arse - oh on second thoughts cancel my last.
  15. Well for all those who buy HUGE Toblerone at airports if you combine this with standing too close to the conveyor belt for luggage collection. I warn you now, one day I'm going to snap !