Digging In

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommycooker1914, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. I'm getting pissed off with the same old s***, every other weekend we're down on some training area digging latrine or some sort of trench system. When I joined the TA I thought I would be using modern rifles like the SLR instead we're still using the old Lee Enfield.

    Anybody else had experience's with old sub standard equipment.
  2. Yes, my wife is in her 30's and I have a hankering for the sweet young flesh of a 16 yr old.
  3. Got to be a WAHHHHHH
  4. No, really?
  5. honestly there's no other TA unit like it in the country, did you not see the documentary a couple of months ago.
  6. Do you still get paid at 1914 rates?
    When are you off to Afghanistan?
    Do you think the Taliban will be as averse to a bit of cold steel 'up em' as the Bosch were?
  7. I saw you guys up at strensall the other week I thought you were all in fancy dress or some sought of re-enactment group.
  8. no we model our selves on the Hull pals
  9. didn't anyone tell you lot you can't dig on training areas anymore!
  10. we wasn't digging at Strensall you can dig with the relevent pemits and paper work
  11. Your using a Lee Enfield to dig?

    Fook me no wonder your p!ssed off, the rest of us get spades...
  12. You should count yourselfs lucky using a Lee Enfield to dig, I had to use my cap badge once. That was while stalins organs where raining down on my fellow SS men
  13. With a cap badge? Aren't you the lucky one. I once had to dig a shallow grave with my bare hands, at night, in the pouring rain. Mind you, it was a random, spur of the moment killing.

    On the plus side she was very attractive and took it in the tradesmans..........eventually.
  14. Are you a Jacket??? Because i reckon you used a shovel!
  15. If I was a jacket I would have taken 3 mates, a mini moke and done the deed in full view of a petrol station. cnuts.