Diggerland - FREE entry to Squaddies and family on Armed Forces Day Sat 25 Jun 11

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by RoyalGreenJacket, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. Diggerland links with Armed Forces Day - Saturday 25th June 2011

    Saturday 25th June 2011 will see our nation celebrate Armed Forces Day. This is an annual event whereby we can show support to all of our Armed forces. Armed forces day is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the fantastic work that they do.

    With effect from 1 May 2011, serving members of the forces and their families can book up to 4 entry tickets per application free of charge, by clicking HERE. Please note: all tickets for our Kent, Devon and Yorkshire locations have now been booked.There are still tickets available for our Durham location.

    Maximum 4 tickets per application, but please note that you do not need to include any children under 90cms in height in your application, since they would be able to enter Diggerland free of charge anyway. (Children under 90cms in height may not go on any of the real construction machinery rides and drives in Diggerland, for safety reasons. However, there are play areas, sandpits and some coin operated rides which are suitable for younger children).

    Linky: http://www.diggerland.com/visiting/ArmedForcesDay.htm

    good bit of FREE fun for the family.

    and you get to rag a JCB - i'm deffo going.
  2. See if we had acknowledged this thread perhaps the Op wouldn't have gone off into the internet wilderness to blood and become a mono topic obsessive.
    We spurned this his first flowering arrse and drove him into the darkness.
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  3. I'm not taking the blame for this alone, it wasn't just me who ignored this thread, it was all (yes ALL, not some) of us
  4. Sounds awesome. Buckshee entry for war pensioners?

    2011? Oh God, what have I missed?
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  5. Let's Blame Sinner251 the cünt

  6. A chance to connect with a lost soul,

    A soul now lost to extremism.

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  7. Eeeh more terrorists it's a disgrace.
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  9. You should mock
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  10. I wouldn't have gone anyway. I had my own JCB.
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  11. Give a man access to a shovel, and look where his aspirations lead...
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  12. I was working (well ish)
  13. Such a shame I missed it, I was actually home on R&R at the time too.
  14. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

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  15. I think I should