Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Davros_the_Dalek, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Been asked by a mate to gauge what peoples' feelings are towards this illustrious posting. Location? Accomodation (Snrs and Jnrs) Social Life? Women? Job? (is it good or bad.. that's all)

    There has to be some real Digby fans here.
  2. A "mate" eh? :)

    Bad luck mucker.
  3. Fair one. Not like I have any mates.

    But no, seriously. He's pretty worried.

    Anyone got anything good whatsoever to say?
  4. One of the Corps' Officers there is a good bloke.
  5. I think the sign-off rate speaks for itself, but like every posting, it is personality driven.
  6. I've only ever heard OPMI(L)s (and some analysts) complaining about being stuck in-between there and 14 sigs etc. None of them seemed to like it. I believe Lincolshire is pleasant enough though.
  7. Having spent a couple of years there in a prior life - it isn't actually all that bad.

    To semi-echo the sentiments of Fraser, it is only as good a posting as you make it (I can't vouch for the sign off rate - perhaps comparable to Brawdy ???).

    Due to it's (relatively) central England location, singlies tend to bomb burst home on their days off but the social life (as I recall) was'nt too bad and Lincoln is only down the road and Peterborough is do-able for a night out too. The nearest town, Sleaford is'nt too shabby either (once you get over the thumbless slopey-foreheaded locals who have been a bit too intimate with their brother/mother/uncle/all of the previous).

    My advice would be that your mucker has got his own transport as it is a bit out in the sticks - although it shouldn't be a major problem if he/she has a network of solid mates to run him/her about.

    The accommodation (depending on the individuals' rank) varies from sh!te to very good - having said that, most of the people I worked alongside lived off-camp.

    Work-wise - again - your "mate" will only get out of the posting what they put in. It is a joint environment in all senses and whilst there can be a bit of sh!te flying (mostly between old fat useless waster crabs and the bloody bally heroes of the British Army) from time to time, it never gets beyond the usual inter-service slanging matches.

    Whilst I won't enter into too much about the work on the thread - the work isn't too bad and can actually be very rewarding. Providing you bear in mind why you are actually there and that the product you provide DOES help to save lives then having to stag on once in a while or make sure you manage to crow-bar a whole 4 x mandatory PT sessions a month into your busy social calendar pales into insignifcance ! (that may have changed !)

    Feel free to get PM me with your mate's details and I'll happily give him/her any steerage they may require (if I can be arrsed!)
  8. First went there for a visit in 96, and made a mental note to myself never to return there again. However, I did visit again in early 06 and the change was astounding. Not too bad a posting at all by all accounts. The job has certainly improved.
  9. Perhaps I got out of bed on the wrong side this morning, but how do 2 short visits 10 years apart qualify you to comment?
  10. perhaps you did. he was being positive about it.
  11. Bit touchy there Perevodchik.

    My comments are made simply by weighing up the morale of the troops serving there on each occasion, and the job done by the workers.

    96 - shite morale, bone job

    06 - sky high morale, dynamic, worthwhile interesting job.

    Both occasions are made after talking to people there, not just what I saw.
  12. While I was there (for a whole 2 weeks) it was death by boredom.

    You relly do need your own wheels, but on the plus side, Lincoln is good socially.

    Digby, 14, Cheltenham or JSSU?

    Varied career choice :roll:
  13. I've spent a grand total of two weeks there as well (I'm quite lucky in my branch to have achieved that!) but I thought it was fairly decent. The SNCO's mess was an awful lot quieter than I expected but they hosted one of the best Pickle Nights I've ever been to.

    Sleaford is a surprisingly good night out with some decent eye candy (hey, I'm based in Pompey-I've got nothing to compare it to ;) ) but taxi's to Lincoln are a rip-off (£20 odd quid one way in late 2006).
  14. You really need to have a word with MCM Div if that is all they are offering you as your posting preferences. :wink:
  15. Fair enough, I suppose I asked for that. Your clarification makes my point though. If you had said "I was there in '06 and the lads had a cracking job and morale was sky high" that would have been groovy. I just didn't see the need to point out that 12 years ago it was a bit crap. Buddies?