Dig in folks......

I never thought I'd see the day when o'Reilly said this..

The president would be wise to replace Donald Rumsfeld (search) with a wartime military commander

Oh, but then he can't help himself , and goes on to cover his ass with both hands

The secretary is a patriot, but he's exhausted. New blood is needed at Defense.
Now the mistake many Americans are making is to define the war in ideological terms. This conflict should be about performance, not a preconceived political viewpoint.
Bill , I'm not sure how to tell you this , but...... :D

Freedom And Hope Will Defeat An Ideology Of Hate. Through the spread of democracy, the United States can help deny terrorists the ideological victories they seek. Free nations do not support terrorists or invade their neighbors. By advancing the cause of liberty across the world, we will make the world more peaceful and America more secure.
"Now we respect dissent, but we don't have time for extremism"

Like bombing the feck out of somewhere then invading for no particularly good reason?

Yeah, - we don't like extremism!!
Forgive me if I don't take the former Denver weekend weatherman seriously. C0ck.

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