Dig deep you cheap cnuts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Greengrass, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. A lad I was at school with was the loser of a fight with a bit of incoming last year in Basra for some reason the daft cnut want to run the London marathon. Personally I would have tried to raise money by being nosed off by as many whore in half an hour or something a bit more fun. Still if any of you want to show your support to one of our own the here the link.

    Dig deep you cheap fuckers.


    PS this is a serious thread so stop reading and flop your wallet out

  2. you ever thought bout being a diplomat?

  3. No not really make a donation you tool
  4. Yes dear.

    Doing it now. Do we get what you call "Black Pudding" with that?

  5. You will get the back of my hand you slack cnuted gipper. Put in a quid for every bloke you have let release a spunk depth charge up you from this site and Phil will have raise the million scoff tomorrow.
  6. I'm not that fucking rich!!!!
  7. Bump you cheap wnakers
  8. Money in - now please for fecks sake - Put the electrodes back on my bollokcs!

  9. £25 quid you cheap twat its still millionaires weekend...ish any donations less than half a ton mean your gay.
  10. I'm gay - the dog was only offering to give £20!
  11. i'm feckin gayer - this sites costing me a fortune as it is! every little helps :wink:
  12. Sweetcheeks, I have explained to Cheggers, the comedian, how much of a weasly little pimply boy you are, and how you couldn't fight your way out of a wet paper bag. If he doesn't sponsor your mate now, then I might have to get a really big bloke to come round and get him.

    He will be calling you Russian next! :roll:
  13. I must be going bloody soft in the head! Done

    Have stuck it on facebook too
  14. Oh, hang on, how come I am the bully here :Greengrass' Mate Does Mad Stuff

    Do I have to give an extra quid for anyone else who mentions me?

    Just sponsor him!!!!!