Diffy a Helmet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jerrycan2793, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. Im quickly building upon a reputation of being an Admin Vortex at my new unit and its quite understandable so far. Gone diffy a Combat Helmet, Managed to aquire a large one but have no helmet cover.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a replacement one for a 58 (Beret Size) head. obviously dont mind paying just would rather avoid concreting my position as the unit vortex and get one off my own back.
  2. Have you tried e-bay?
  3. You'll probably need a X Large cover - might as well - the bigger it is; the less likely you are to misplace it! :)

    I would sort you out with one but I gave mine to a last-minute-dot-com a couple of weeks ago. Just go sign for a new one or get your arse down a surplus store you daft git! And most importantly; STOP LOSING SHITE!
  4. And, how in hell do you loose a combat helmet????? They are big enough and heavy enough to notice that they are still there! 6 years service I never lost anything, and 2 of that was in the RAF Reserves, when I only used my kit once or twice a month!!!!
  5. It's easy enough to lose kit; some people are unlucky - others are just stupid. There's probably a horrid kit monster in the block with lockers full of other peoples kit that they have 'found' and not yet got around to returning.

    Can I sugest you take out a decent kit insurance.
  6. Surprises me how anyone can think that a helmet cover size is somehow related to beret size...
  7. Im looking for a replacement Helmet, going off my Beret size being 58 which size would fit? Not just looking for the cover.

    Im a mixture of Unlucky and Stupid, Have never lost any kit in my career untill last year. As I put in a transfer to another Unit, My old unit tried billing me for a set of webbing I hadnt signed for. Thankfull that got resolved. and now Ive lost my Helmet (In a house move. God knows where it has gone)
  8. Do they call you "nimda"?
  9. Quite possibly though they dont to my face.... Whats Nimda?
  10. If you have a pin head - you will probably have a small helmet (Depending on heed shape) If you have a Tefal 62cm beachball head then chances are the a small helmet cover aint gonna be much use.
  11. I hope that's not a wah???

    "admin" backwards. I used to call a young lad I was in Kosovo with "nimda" because his admin was backwards.
  12. No Wah, I still havent perfected the Art of WAH yet. My Admin recently has been awfull but at least backwards would have order, The Vortex is a more apt name
  13. http://www.arrse.co.uk/qms-clothing-equipment/137638-mk7-ebay.html

    Are these threads related?

    Pretty sure I have a spare one at home, back there end of the week. If that's soon enough, PM me an address and I'll chuck it in the post on the condition that you promise dearly to put a couple of pound coins in whatever Army Charity pot is in your bar. Reasonable?

    EDIT: That offer of kindness was for a cover only. Whereabouts in the country are you?
  14. Pip's got it, she's just trying to get you in the shit, you know how spiteful women are. Tell her to give it back, maybe slap her about a bit.
  15. Managed to get hold of an Extra Large one, Anyone in the Yorkshire Area fancy swapping it for a smaller one?