Different types of Sorbothanes.

I have searched but I can't see any posts about this specific topic. I want a pair of insoles for my issue boots (already broken in without any, unfortunately). Insoles from trainers and other boots are generally too thick, leaving my feet uncomfortably squeezed.

Can anyone tell me what the differences between Sorbothane Double Strike, Single Strike and Full Strike? Double Strike is too thick. Are the other two thinner? Anyone else who uses relatively thin insoles for issue boots? Cheers for any help.
Double Strike refers to having the shock absorbing areas on both the heel and the balls of your feet.I have them in issues and they're great. Haven't seen any others in their range to know if they're thinner however. Hope that helps.
Thanks, I think I'll get the Brashers 2.5mm and the Full Strike, in addition to issue insoles. I'm bound to find a use for the extra insoles at some point.
Get a pair of the Green Superfeet insoles or the Red Footdiscs. Both pretty much exactly the same, not to thick and superfeet are tested with the US National Guard so not to shabby.
FWIW, you may care to know that I had Sorbothane double strike in my BCH and they somehow made my feet hurt - possibly the extra insulation? Anyway, I went to Supafeet green when I bought my Alt-Bergs some years ago and they are excellent - not a lot of shock absorption ,but the extra support seems to help my feet to cope. But then, I do have rather fallen arches.
Seconding SuperFeet - your sorbothanes are basically slivers of foam and not much more, while Superfeet are stabilising footbeds that stop your feet rolling and shifting in the boot and do an incredible job of minimising foot ache and blisters over long distances and with heavy loads. I can't recommend them enough - they're pricey (£40 a pair) but worth every penny.
What I'd suggest is removing the existing insole and going with a substantial footbed that's going to provide support for your arch and impact absorption for your heel. The trouble is, everybody's feet are different, and what works for me may not for you. Even trying them in your boots won't tell the full story - you won't know if they are right for you until you've walked a few miles with full kit
For the moment I'm only in OTC so don't bother posting NSNs, quite rightly I don't have the privilege of a generous QM. Thanks anyway.

I've tried issue insoles and they're not very impressive, with no arch support, and my toes are resting off the edge. As I said I broke them in without insoles. (I had pretty much no experience with boots before and thought the hard base was supposed to be like that. Mong.) Already tried Sole, their heel cup seemed way too restrictive. So I'll give Superfeet a try.

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