Different Types of Fitness

Ive been growing particularly frustrated in recent weeks with regards to how fit im getting. Since ive been doing a lot of what i would call 'military fitness' things, like tabbing, running with weight at a slow pace but for a long time, press ups etc. i thought id be pretty good at a spot of athletics. Turns out that my BPFA run time (9mins 6secs) is 'average' at a civvy athletic level, and that despite all the hard graft im still only slightly above average at the local athletics club.

In the same vein, I took some of my athletic freak friends out on a CFT and they were absolutely fooked after about 5 minutes walking.

What Im getting at is are there different types of fitness? I consider myself extremely comfortable on CFTs and the like and i never get worn out doing exercises but as soon as you get me running in mincy shorts and a t shirt i suck. Is there some sort of way to combine training for both areas? In a week I run 10k twice , do 5k and hill sprint training once , go for three two hour weights sessions, do two hours of swimming and a 12 mile CFT so im not slacking - is it just impossible to strike a good balance between conventional athletics and more 'trade specific' training?

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