Different types of fitness?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by piespies, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. I'm a 17 stone prop forward. Now I can bench press what you like and do situps/pressups till I'm blue in the face, but I have difficulty with running. It's not that I can't, I've got plenty of endurance (and can quite happily do the CFT), I just struggle to get round the BFT in the time. Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. I think maybe you know the answer already - make running a higher priority than it is at the moment.

    Relish the challenge.
  3. I second that. If you start running more you will get better, no question. The endurance to march 20 miles is not the same as whats needed to run the BFT in sub 10:30 (or whatever you need).

    Start running every other day, gradually increasing your distance and with time your speed will rise and those times will come down. In my limited experience the 1.5 mile run is really about having a strong set of lungs to pull in enough air to put out a 10 minute max effort, and not so much about endurance.. after all its only 10 minutes.

    Also weight is going to come into it, the healthy weight for a 6'4" male is just under 15 stone, so if you are 17 stone I'm guessing that you are overweight (or 7 feet) so think about trying to get some off. I'm not trying to be funny or anything, I was overweight too (still am a bit) and as the weight comes off the times REALLY go down.

  4. Thanks for the tips guys.

    however as far as the weight is concerned, I am carrying a few extra pounds, but much of it is my build (obviously the BMI doesn't take muscle mass into account)
  5. I have no doubt that you have alot of muscle mass, most rugby players seem to... I was just pointing out that even so 17 stone is quite alot. When I was in full powerlifting mode I had a huge amount of muscle mass and I was only 14 stone...

    Anyway im not arguing, just suggesting you try to get some off. Best of luck with it, running does get MUCH easier. In the mean time may I refer you to the website www.runningahead.com (a very good running log), and this book:


    I reccomend getting it, and I think alot of other people here would. It has really helped me alot and is dirt cheap, definately worth a fiver (even cheaper second hand).

  6. Fighting Fit. I'll second that, Jay. Ace book, full of easy to digest and well thought out (and proven to work) advice, and the little drawings make me giggle.
  7. The guys will hate me saying this but please try some cross training cycling swimming etc to reduce your weight and increase your CV fitness first


    Otherwise in 2 weeks you will be posting a thread asking about shin splints and believe me there are enough on here already!
  8. Good point. Seconded.

  9. P2,

    I am also a prop. I have a similar build and therfore problem. I sought the advice of friend who was a runner and he suggested a program of endurance running much like what is being suggested here. Once this was underway I was to intersperse these with "sandwich" runs. Basically run for a minimum of 20 minutes arriving at the start of a leg of known distance (1.5 miles in this case), a short breather and then best effort to cover the distance in your target time. Then a gentle run home from however far you get. I managed to arrange it so that my 1.5 miles was slightly uphill too. It was producing results but I didnt persist enough to really see how far I could push it.

    As to the weight issue. I recommend the weight watchers Points system. Its a touch girly but it works. The theory is that you never go much above or below what your breakeven intake of calories should be for your weight, gender and level of activity causing a steady consumption of fat from the bodies deep reserves. I found that after a week to a fortnight my eating habits had changes so that I didnt need to be quite so strict with it. It costs though and can now only be done online (I snaffled the long haired sunrays kit to do mine).
  10. I apreciate what your saying piespies however please consider my equation-

    fatlad = slow
    skinnylad = fast

    Hope this is of some help.
  11. Hmm, see what you're saying piespies, I've beaten 8.5 minute PFT runners up hills with 40ks on our back tabbing after they've been reduced to tears (good athletes but shit soldiers). However at the end of phase 1 when I'd had no booze and loads of cardio for 3 months my run time was 9 minutes. I am presently a stone heavier and drinking like the alcoholic chef I once was...guess what its 10:20! elnoddo may have a point. I'd still thrash any skinny c**t on a CFT though.
  12. P2,

    Is this interst in a better bft time for a particular hurdle or just in general?