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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scotto103, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey

    Id like to know the different stages of joining up, as in what comes after what.

    like once i have handed my application forms in what do i need to expect after that?

  2. Do a search, loads on here.
  3. Well heres my timeline from Sept 07

    Went in ACIO(Basic Talk) Given Docs to fill out

    BARB(Also Given Med Docs)

    Pre-Selection Tests

    Medically Cleared

    Look At Life



    Off to ACIO on Tues to go over some Pre Enlistment Docs

    Mid Feb i sign my contracts

    And in March i start basic.

    Hope it helps

  4. What ive done so far since sept 06:

    Careers office chat

    BARB Test

    Fill out forms ,give in medical (after doc signed it all)

    MEDICAL DEFFERAL (Old back problems)


    Sept 07 :

    Careers office chat

    3 Month diary backdated to prove back problems had gone

    Medical records given the OK

    Fittness assessment. FAIL on run

    Chosen Man (Look at life) course for 5days <----- Well worth doing any look at life courses btw

    Fittness assessment. FAIL on run (was really ill over new years, my excuse)

    Fittness assessment. PASS

    1st Interview

    Fittness assessment. PASS

    Re-take of BARB test, re-filling out of forms

    2nd Interview

    Currently awaiting selection date :)

    Taken me a looong time but finally getting there
  5. Spot on and highlighted the one thing I insisted the majority of my applicants did, either a LAL course of Pre selection course to give you a taster and show you your weak areas.
  6. Procedure 1959 - medical,sign on,railway warrant,report here.Haircut,issued kit,'Get fell in!'