Different Services rules dress on the facial fuzz

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by northern-matelot, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. I'm sorry if thais has been done to death before (I did search but could not find anything), but does anybody know why the 3 services have such varying rules on the regs about personal grooming? I.e. Army/Marines/ RAF only having half lenght sideburns and moustaches, where as the RN are allowed full length (well to the earlobe) sideburns and only allowed beards? (Only asking as everytime I rock up some where under Army control someone feels the need to grip me for the beard before I pont to the hugh "ROYAL NAVY" badge on my chest.
  2. Sailors are allowed beards as to a man the service is full of ugly *******, while the army and RM are full of toned greek gods! The RAF aren't really part of the armed forces but they choose the army/RM way as brilcream boys by nature are poofs - simples!
  3. The Pioneers are allowed beards aren't they? Or at least they were at one time.
  4. I believe one guy from the unit has it, some axe wielding maniac.

    Is there any truth that a man fro each Royal marine Plt is allowed a pony tail? I'm sure i heard that years ago.
  5. The Royal Pioneer Corps allowed sergeants to have a full beard, and that had to be a full beard, not a goatee or whatever. But if promoted or busted out of the rank, it had to be shaved off. Now that the RPC is part of the Royal Logistics Corps, I don't know what the score is.

    When I was in the First Gulf War, there was an RCT WO2 who we called "Supertache" for obvious reasons. In Bosnia, I saw a Royal Signals WO2 who had a big tache, and wolf-man type hair on his cheeks. There was a tram-line between his tache and sideys, distinguishing his facial hair from that of a 19th century British Army WO2, where the tache and sideys were as one.
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    There was a Navy CPO at my first place of work and he found out the OC (Army) hated beards, so he wrote a formal letter stating that he was gouing to grow a beard.

    He got a nasty response saying permission denied....he then wrote back saying that he didn't need permission as he was a CPO and therefore could wear a beard under regs and was of a suitable rank to self-certify that it was of the correct standard - he'd only been informing the OC out of 'courtesy'.

    He then had the biggest bushiest white beard I have ever seen, short of Father Christmas, for 2 years the day - the OC was posted he shaved it off.

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  7. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Actually now I remember it...anyone who did Pre-RCB/RCB at Westbury in the 1990's should remember an old and crusty WO1? who had the most amazing set of cheek whiskers.

  8. When I served in Belize, we did not shave while in the jungle. My beard grew in ginger; a contrast to my dark brown hair. In order to stop the piss-taking from the other lads, I used to rub in copious amounts of cam cream.
  9. Bugle Majors in the RIFLES and RGJ/LI before were allowed beards. No idea why, and quite a few in the regular battalions still follow this.

    Anyone able to expand on it? I rather like it, I found the late Colin Green's rather ally!

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  10. Pioneer Platoon Sgts in Infamntry regiments are allowed to wear a beard, and I think the farrier major, if not all farriers in cavalry regiments are alowed them. Although none of the HCMR farriers wear beards, unfortunately.
  11. Shaving with an open razor in the dark and dingy confines on a C19 warship must have been a nightmare, add the effects of ocean motion and that would explain why matelots are allowed to grow a full set. the real fun lies in pushing the boundaries of what is allowed by the regulations to the very limit. One method was to not shave the cheeks above the level of the middle of the ear, allowing the growth of a fine pair of cheek brows or buggers grips. When I grew a set in the 80s I used to trim it to look like Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder 3. A mate of mine brought a trimmer that allowed a designer stubble setting. Once his beard was signed of by the jimmy he could then trim it back to the shortest setting on his trimmers, creating a highly individual look.
    I've just realised how gay this post is going to sound.
  12. PO on H11 decided to grow a beard, because he liked pissing the Army off (his words). Thick **** wondered why he never got tasked and was given menial jobs within Bastion. Seeing as he liked regulations so much I made him address me as Sir. I also used to make a point of talking about jobs loudly in his presence, especially if I'd done a few CMDs, which strictly speaking I was meant to leave for the CMD teams.
  13. There's a serving Rastafarian in the Corps of Army Music complete with goatee and dreads....