Different regiments and choices when thinking about sport in the Army.

Really looking forward to getting stuck in, but I want to know if the sports I want to take part in are restricted by the regiment I join, my main interests are mountain biking and snowboarding, if I could take part in these particular sports while serving I would be really happy.

if anyone wants to tell me of any opportunities they have been offered while serving (no matter which sport) please let me know as I'm interested in all activities and would like a broad range of things to take part in if possible.
No I'm definitely not joining because of sport, I have a couple of jobs in mind, and if I wasn't able to join the snowboarding team (for example) this 'might' help me make a decision, I've got along way to go before selection so i've joined to ask a few questions, I hope you can respect I'm putting as much thought into making the right decision as possible.
yeah that is understandable, looking at the defence cut situation i bet there is more than a few people complaining!
Most Regiments or Corps will have their traditional sports represented such as Rugby, Football and Cricket. However the pursuits of Mountain Biking and Snowboarding tend to fall into the Adventure Training side of life. Not that this should you put you off your selection of jobs. There is plenty of scope to do these sports both in your time and the Armys.

Your decsision should be made on the trade you want to pursue not to much about what AT is available. AT will always be there and you will have the opportunity to attend, however you have to be realistic as you probably will be quite busy in the first year of your Army life so you might have to miss a season on the piste!!

I suggest you ask your recruiter. Also mention to your recruiter if you excel on a national level at any of the sports you have mentioned as you could still represent GB whilst serving.

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