Different regiments and choices when thinking about sport in the Army.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Yorkshire25, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Really looking forward to getting stuck in, but I want to know if the sports I want to take part in are restricted by the regiment I join, my main interests are mountain biking and snowboarding, if I could take part in these particular sports while serving I would be really happy.

    if anyone wants to tell me of any opportunities they have been offered while serving (no matter which sport) please let me know as I'm interested in all activities and would like a broad range of things to take part in if possible.
  2. From what I can make out on the website you get access to sports and adventurous training regardless of regiment in the Army. I'm sure someone will come along and verify that though.
  3. Most Regiments and Corps have a skiing team, not sure about mountain biking though. You can usually get away for adventurous training too. To be honest though, I can't see the logic in choosing a career path purely based on how much time you'll be able to spend away from it.
  4. yeah i've reposted this in the sports section on here and got a similar response, I'm definitely not joining because of sport, I have a couple of jobs in mind, and if I wasn't able to join the snowboarding team (for example) this 'might' help me make a decision, I've got along way to go before selection so i've joined to ask a few questions, I hope you can respect I'm putting as much thought into making the right decision as possible., i've been a keen snowboarder for just about 10 years now so would like to continue when I'm in the army, i've since found out that different regiments do slightly different activities in adventure training. apparently the Royal Artillery class winter sports as their speciality? its only the more general sports such as rugby and football that are more widespread over the whole army.
  5. Even if you're not able to do it with the Army, you do get annual leave so you could do it when you've got time off.
  6. If you're that interested in it (and I've never heard of an army or unit snowboarding team), I would suggest trying to get into a unit in BFG, as I beleive they get more chance to do winter sports such as skiing due to location.

    They have a wide variety of capbadges over there as well, so you could still have a broad choice of careers.

    Hope this helps.
  7. aye,and if you are into mountain bikes there is ample scope,as the hermans leave bikes alles uber de platz,usually unlocked.champion if you can't get a taxi after a night oot.
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  8. haha, were pulling out of germany soon arnt we?
  9. For both your intended sports it would be nice to have a regimental team, for comradery weekly/monthly events, but not essential.

    You may find a garrison team, but failing that bodge on to the Skiing team. THey often have a few closet snowboarders. You will get the various info. There is a Joint Services Exercise (half pipe or something) each year for snowboarding, but it isn't (IIRC) classed as Adventure Training, but as a sport so will cost money.

    Mountain biking is about to go on line as a sponsored Adventure Training activity. So will be cheaper. If you fancy training up to be a mountain bike leader/instructor it is now available. IIRC you will need MLT too before getting your leader qual, and would need CO dispensation to get the course before you were a LCpl minimum.

    Again you may find some buddies to do that with, or find a regi, garrison or service (inc joint) group.
  10. Like to know how much I've saved in taxi fares thanks to the free bikes policy in Germany :thumright:

  11. Ah.... my first reduction in rank!