different phys CMSR joining instuction requirments

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 3_Peco_Seconds_GO, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. Was curious when reading my old cmsr joining insturctions why do Inf units only need to be able to do the 1.5 mile run but other units need to do 3 mile tab?
  2. Eh? Infantry do a session of phys everyday on CMS(R) and not just a 1.5 mile run, it's usually a pft followed by an hour in the gym, or battle PT, at the end they do a 4 mile CFT with 25kg in an hour, then it's on to CIC to do more phys and longer tabs.

    Where did you get the idea it's just a 1.5 mile run?
  3. Infantry bods need to pass the 1.5 miler in under 10:30, and a 4 mile CFT by the end of phase one.
    On CIC, same standards for the run and 4 mile CFT on the first week, and a 6 mile CFT by the end of CIC.
    Back at their unit, they should expect to have to pass an 8 mile CFT.

    I can't really comment on other arms as I don't know fully.
  4. Eh?

    So everyone start off doing TSC(A), I did mine at malta barracks 6 weekends one on, one off. Infantry do the same but once they've completed TSC(A) they go on to do TSC(Inf), a further 3 weekends with the pass out standard as mentioned above. Infantry then go upto Catterick for CIC and Corps do CMS(R). Infantry don't do CMS(R), they do do CIC instead.
  5. Either it's changed then or you do a different course if you do a block course rather than weekends, I did CMS(R) as a two week course then went straight onto CIC.

    And later I did 2 weeks GD staff for a CMS(R)

    The Corps recruits were in a different platoon on both courses. It might differ depending on what Brigade you are in as well?