Different categories awarded at briefing? Explanation…

So, after searching other threads and stickies, I have failed to find my answer, therefore have resorted to posting here!!

I have my AOSB briefing in two months and need clarification on the different categories awarded. Although I understand the difference in numbering (cat 1, cat 2, etc), I was wondering what you would need to fail on in order to get these cats.

Although I feel prepared I am slightly worried about the Cat 2 for agility. Would this be related to JUST the obstacle course? For example, if I failed the hurdles, would I instantly be given a Cat 2? Or on the other hand, even if I passed all obstacles on the course, could they still justify giving a Cat 2?
Again, even if you passed all the required physical assessments, would they still be able to give you a Cat 2 for phys?

If anyone could clear this up, Id be really grateful. Thanks



@cheese2805 Don't worry about it. If you think you are going to fail on agility, knowing about it beforehand won't help much; use the time practicing jumping over hurdles, running, stretching and speed/distance/time calculations.


A Cat 1 means that you are likely to be a credible candidate at the Main Board; a Cat 2 means you are likely to be a credible candidate except that you need to fix one or more specific aspects of your performance, and comes with a time delay to give you the chance to do so; Cat 3 means that AOSB don't think you're likely to pass but you can have a go if you want; Cat 4 means you aren't suitable, for reasons of aptitude or personality.

There isn't specifically a Cat 2 'agility', but if your time over the obstacles is very slow because you can't do the hurdles or the long jump or the steps, then that will be highlighted in your debrief as something to work on before returning for the Main Board. If you then still struggle on the Main Board, AOSB will draw their own conclusions.

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