Different camouflage for each arm of service?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. The Americans have, as I'm sure you're all aware dropped their old BDU's in Woodland and Desert, and instead brought in different types of camouflage for each arm of service.

    The Marines have Marpat in both desert and woodland versions.



    The Army has ACU for all types of terrain:


    The Navy have their new camouflage uniform (Man overboard! Where?)


    And the Air Force have their ABU:


    I can understand that this may reinforce 'esprit de corps', but it must increase the chances of blue on blue engagements, and could also have OPSEC considerations.

    What are your opinions? Should we introduce something similar in the UK?

  2. I think there are better ways of spending our money right now...
  3. I like the idea of no shine boots.
  4. What a waste of money.

    I think they way it is at the moment doesn't even make sense.

    We should have a one size fits all uniform across the board. As far as I am aware RAF and RN have no reason to wear blue so why not save money and get everyone in green kit.

    One Contract, One company - Job Done!
  5. I can't fight! - I've not got the right clothes on!!!

    ^ wtf
  6. No way! UK DPM is an institution! And anyway... apart from Mar-Pat US cam is shite untill you've dragged it around the ulu for a week.

    T C
  7. Oh if only :p
  8. I tell you what - what about green or khaki for the Army, dark blue for the Navy and civvies for the RAF? Back to normal.

    If we're actually in a combat zone, let's wear the best camouflage for that theatre which the Treasury will allow MOD to purchase.
  9. Given that I (6ft and 14 stone) was issued the same size smock as some Jockanese dwarf (4ft 6 and 6 stone wringing wet), I understand this already happens.

    We (RAuxAF) were nothing but green unless on ceremonials etc. so I think this is a moot point.
  10. I'm sure you were aware that i Meant colour and was just using a well known phrase (ANTI WAH - OFF)

    It makes alot of sense. Its cheaper, it allows for more stocks of each size so should be easier to get hold of jacket mans 220/290 and as and when the RN and RAF need to play in the mud on courses/tours they have already got equal scales of the kit needed!
  11. I'd happily wear civvies to work everyday and leave the DPM for exercises / ranges etc!
  12. speaking as a crab, I compleatly agrea with the above.
  13. We could go for this nice and cheap option. :D

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