Difference physically after training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by libertine87, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone-my 1st post-going selection 19th then should be at winchester for phase 1 in November. What I'm interested in is how peoples bodies have changed after completing training-be it phase 1+2 or just phase 1, have people lost weight/put it on? Are they noticeably bigger/musclier or are they slimmer?that kind of thing. Thanks for any replies.
  2. Why does it matter to you, hero?
  3. Sounds like a queer sort of request to me. Very odd. I had less hair if that helps
  4. ah, well... It all depends Libertine on your genetics really! Although most people can develop muscle tone, bulk-up, slim-down etc... Some individuals just dont tone up due to inheritance, it all depends on the individual - we cant all look like Arnie, well... when he HAD muscle, due to politics the tw@t has lost it all!!!!!!

    All you can do is eat right and train hard and perhaps you will see a difference, luckily I'm one of those people who get ripped-up quite nicely, but my dad as a young sprout used to be very muscular!

    did i seem quite gay in that post? :p
  5. Yes, Gay
  6. Well you certainly won't put on any muscle size considering your only upper body work will be a few pressups every now and again and you'll be generally be getting run ragged. You could lose weight but it depends what sh1te you eat in the cookhouse everyday as at the end of the day if you consume more calories then you expend you'll get fat. Everyones bodies are different so they will react differently to exercise and food choices.
  7. On the other hand, the bromine in the tea that they make you drink can have a very negative effect on your 'body'.

    Some of the older members of this site are still drooping as a result. ;)
  8. That's why they invented viagra! :)
  9. Thats what you were doing in the med centre yesterday then mate :wink:
  10. One of our lads in juniors developed man breast by the end of our training, so you never know what you might turn out like.
  11. It's part of the Para mentality. You don't want to let performance suffer just because you can't keep your end up.
  12. Bromine goes into ones swimming pool, bromide in the tea :?
  13. I wondered where the brown stain came from.
  14. Are you a rent boy libertine
  15. :D

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