Difference Inbetween Guards Regiments

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by cmb75, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Besides location,uniform and current operations what would say is the difference inbetween the Coldstream, Grenadier, Irish and Scots Guards?

    Is there a stereotype of the men and offeicers for each regiment?
  2. All the Scots are handsome chaps, whereas the Grenadiers stick Mars bars somewhere horrible, the Coldcreamers do sheep, The Irish are bogtrotters and the Welsh are just Welsh. Apart from that they are in the finest Brigade in the Army.
  3. Wah hat on!

    The Scots Guards Officers are all English and have gone no further North than Watford.
    The Welsh Guards Officers are all English and have gone no further West than Reading.
    The Irish Guard Officers are all English and have never been to Eire or NI.

    The other two, well you get the idea.

    Oh and the last time I worked with the Coldstreamer's their CO was RAC.

    edited for geographic officer mongness! - spooky hey, officer/ compass etc.
  4. Pantsoff - you are the CDS and I claim my £5.
  5. What johnboyzzz said :D
  6. This is a subject of great interest to me. Therefore, I hope someone will be able to provide some information on the topic, regardless as to whether this thread is a 'wah' or not (not entirely sure as to what a 'wah' constits of)

    I'd be interested to know how competative entry into each regiment is, as on the army website they "only hand out a few commissions, and competition is fierce"??

    Is there any reason why they haven't amalgamated like other regiments in the army in recent years (I may inadvertently be spouting regimental blasphemy, for which I apologise in advance).

    I'm hoping to visit the Grenadiers in the coming months, however information regarding any of the guards regiments would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I like it how the guards get to keep the colours and honours in "suspended status"
    but all other infantry that shrink or amalgamate loose them to the history books!
  8. Competition for commissions in any of the Foot Guards regiments varies according to how many people want to join in that given year. It is probably no more competitive than most Infantry regiments. Like any other regiment each of the Foot Guards regiments has a distinct regimental character which will tend to attract some potential officers but not others, regardless of "competitive quality".

    The reasons behind these regiments not amalgamating are largely ceremonial presentational issues. Perhaps some of the pomp and ceremony would be lost if you just had 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Bn the Ft Gds on the Queen's Birthday Parade. In actual fact the various Bns are as close or closer than many of those in the new "super regiments" that make up the remainder of the infantry.
  9. I think you might find the Cameronians are in suspended annimation, and that is the Scottish Division outed!
  10. I think what was noticeable when I was at the Guards Depot many years ago was the Geographical recruiting for the English Regiments.

    For example a lot of Guardsmen were recruited from cities

    i.e. Grenadiers were recruited from Manchester, London, Bristol, Nottingham/Derby

    Coldstream from Birmingham, Scunthorpe, Newcastle.

    Scots seemed to be a lot from Glasgow/Edinburgh

    Irish from Ulster & Liverpool

    And the Welsh all from Wales
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  11. what are the regimenatl characters?

    wikipedia information and army website information is useless in trying to get this kind of information. I'm looking for the background of many of the typical officers etc. and what the pride themselves on as far as what sets them apart from eachother i.e. the irish guards tolf me they like to do things with a bit of 'style' and are known for being a bit mad. the coldstream guards told me they see themselves as a rather humble...
  12. I find it hard to believe that a Commanding Officer in the Foot Guards would admit to membership of "The Chauffeur's Arms". Dear me, is nothing sacred? 8O

    (Mind you, they do have an excellent swimming pool.)