Difference in fitness requirements

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Poyol, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Well, I've been reading this forum for the last few hours and thought I'd sum up enough courage to post my first post; I see how you lot are with civvies! :eye:

    I'm obviously very outspoken if I say "I don't agree with this/that/the other." but, I don't agree with the conflicting ideas that the military gives off, in regards to fitness requirements and gender.

    I've been researching what the requirements are for joining 21/23 SAS(R) or 40 Commando, yes, they're both different ways of life, ones TA and the other is regular. The requirements of 44 press-ups for men and 21 for women, both in 2 minutes, which I can't disagree with; on average 'men are stronger than women' - or so many of my regular army mates have told me (that's the 'official' ruling). Then the army website goes on to say that men and women have equal roles in the army and aren't treated as different, so why are there different requirements?

    *Dons flame retardant suit*
  2. i agree with you on this one, mate i am about to start basic on sunday, if women wish to perform mens jobs in combat and that i believe they should
    have to meet the same fitness requirements, otherwise you may end up being shot at but have to slow down becuse
    a female cannot run as fast or deal with the weight of the kit :D
  3. Something to think about along similar lines.

    If you do a tab and you are required to carry 25Kg an average man will weigh 80Kg, a woman less.

    So if I train and weigh 70Kg I'm expected to carry the same as a 100Kg bloke, therefore that means I'm working harder, if I complete and they don't I'm fitter in that aspect.
  4. If the army believes that to do the job effectively you need to be able to carry 25Kg for 10 miles in 6 hours - but women don't have to meet that standard and can do the job just as effectively, then men could meet women's requirements and still do the job well?

    Or isn't that how it works?
  5. 1. No it doesnt. Theres no fitness test currently in service (that I or MATT2 am aware of) that requires 25Kg for 10 miles in 6 Hours. If youre on about AFT with infantry weight its 8 mile in 2 hours, If youre on about OFT 5 its 10 mile in 5 hours with 35kg or 25kg depending on role.

    2. Yes they do. Both AFT and the OFTs are unaffected by gender. Weights and times change based on arm for AFT and role for OFT.

    Neither of which women are eligible to join, which begs the question whats that got to do with anything?

    These are the BASIC fitness requirements for any and every soldier, your post reads as if you think these are the standards for 21/23 or 40. If and when you ever join you will be made aware of the fitness standards you are expected to achieve, until then stick to call of duty and Andy McNab books.
  6. Why worry about what the bints have to do? Just make sure that you're fit enough to do what you need to do.
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  7. I asked 'why', now I can see that some of you are used to WALTs and civvies coming in here 'trolling' and being complete and utter dicks, but I asked a bog-standard question, of which I would have appreciated an informative answer (which I got) without the tongue-lashing.
  8. My crystal balls down Fat Daves getting a new exhaust fitted.
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  9. Read between the lines, my friend. You seem intelligent enough!