Difference between Vehicle Mech A+ B

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by avatardrex, May 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I start Basic training in november as a Vehicle Mechanic and as the title suggests, I was just wandering what the key differences are between vehicle mech A+B and any pros and cons.
  2. A. Combat vehicles (armoured)
    B. Support vehicles (soft skinned)
  3. The sex god A mechs look after all the Roughty toughty Armoured stuff and the Squatter B mechs look after all the Tonka toy wheeled stuff....as said looks like the wheels been invented and we have gone/going back to Umechs ....saying that a lot of the time it doesn't matter what you trained as you will still get assignment orders to either.
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  4. Cheers guys, I suppose it doesn't really matter which I would prefer, I bet I only get a 0.001% chance of getting what I prefer anyway?
    Are they chosen by how well you do in phase 2? Or just what the army are lacking in?

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  5. What you get does very much depend on how you impress training staff, though it's usual to apply and be selected for a trade before you start Basic/trade training. When I applied to transfer to the medics, I wanted to go as a nurse, I didn't get selected (2 male nurse positions available a year, and that year there were 4 applicants already qualified), but was more than happy with the CMT post I was offered, then during technical training it was pointed out there were trades that would be more mentally challenging and ended up being accepted for EHT.

    The weird thing is that EHT was my first option when I considered transferring, but I was fucked off with the words "they're not accepting trainees for another 3 years, pick something else - why not male nurse"*

    *This may well have been the LI being ***** and taking the piss, and I never noticed/realised until just now
  6. Any chance of anyone advising the lad who isn't 20 years out of date?
  7. So; a never served, no mark then? How much use would that be?
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  8. Get your head down Grandad.
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  9. What like a VM Tiffy ARRSER?
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  10. There are occasions where A mechs will work on B vehicles and also B mechs that will get to work on A vehicles.

    Quite a lot of B mechs here work in B shops whilst getting their class 3 and then will get moved to a fitter section to work on A vehicles. (We're Armoured Inf - Warrior unit) One of our B mechs has just been put in Armoured Inf fitter section for tour and is loving the variety of work.

    B mechs here also look after the CVR(T)s, Bulldogs and any other random stuff that rocks up. They also do a decent line in fitting European headlights, minor repairs, rewiring & all sorts of other jobs when the boss ain't looking.

    Both A & B mechs will rip the piss out of each other for being shite but deep down they know they'll never be as good as us suncorite sniffing porn stashing cave dwellers!

    If you've got any specific questions drop me a PM and I'll get one of younger tradesmen that has just escaped Bordon to answer them.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  11. OP, moves are afoot to bin A/B Mechs and replace with Universal Mech (U Mech). What effect will this have on you? Very little, don't worry about it. By the time that you get to trade training the change will probably have been made, if it hasn't I'd advise opting for B Mech, whilst it's possible for A Mechs to get a B Mech assignment it's less likely. B Mechs generally have a far wider range of assignments and can also go to traditionally A Mech units. Both courses get the same civvy quals.

    Ignore 99% of the content above this post as it's outdated and or irrelevant.

    Edit- Apart from CCTA's post which is worth reading.
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  12. What's irrelevant about needing to impress the training staff?
  13. What year did you leave the army?

    Were you in the REME?

    Were you a VM?
  14. So they just take any old ****** that wants to be a VM?

    It might explain some of the chimps I saw flinging shit at an engine hoping it would make a difference, but I think they are more choosy than that
  15. Once you start your basic VM Cse you will be put into either an A or B Mech Cse automatically by those loading the Cse. It all depends which one is next in line. If it happens that one of each will run concurrently you may then be able to jump from B to A Mech, i can't for the life of me think why anyone would want to jump from A to B Mech. If you are streamed into the one you really don't want you will need to speak to your Coy Trg staff and make your argument for making the swap a good one. There may be a chance to swap, but the emphasis will be on you to convince the staff. With current numbers the way they are you may not have the opportunity.
    Good luck.