difference between ta training and regular training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nipper, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. how is the ta training different? do the staff treat you the same as regulars?is it easier?
    are promotions easier to come by? are the physical demands the same ?

    just wondering,

    want to join 4para and was wondering how they compare
  2. Get back to me when you can fit 5 gallons of water in an issue water bottle.
  3. Supposedly to the same standards just in less time.Good luck joining the paras .You will have to do a lot of physical training on your own to make the standard.
  4. both are demanding but I would have to say for 4Para the physical might prove harder as you have to get extremely fit in your own time - after work/college, etc, when you don't feel like it. That goes for normal infantry as well.

    As for trade/qualifications - the unit run courses tend to be more laid back in the TA, but regular run courses are condensed from 6 to 2 weeks, so you need to be able to take in a lot more info in a shorter space of time. Added to the fact that the regs don't recognise TA courses you have to work twice as hard to impress.
  5. Could you elaborate on the Regs not recognising TA courses a little please The-Daddy? No disrespect like, on the face of it that comment makes no sense...?
  6. How can a TA course be the same as a regular course, you say its 6
    Weeks condensed into 2 weeks, but surely there is no way this can
    be, even if you worked every evening on the course you still would
    not be able to get the same syllabus in the 2 week duration, incidentally
    what makes people think that on regular courses you don’t work evenings?
    I would go as far as saying that on a TA course there is a lot of syllabus
    and work load dropped and a lot condensed?
    That is probably what The-Daddy means when he says Regs do not
    recognise TA courses
  7. The only way I have seen the regular army not recognise TA course qualifications is when the TA guy tries to join the regs. He is quite likely to be asked to go and do the regular equivalent.

    Otherwise the regular army have to recognise TA courses; they run most of them.

    Let's take LFTT as an example. TA course = 2 weeks; reg course = 4 weeks. There are different SA 'tickets' which allow you to do certain things up to a limit and this is how the lack of available training time is adjusted for: short course, limited ticket.

    Net difference in qualification: TA guy can't draw and submit traces for new ranges. Both can conduct stage 4/5 ranges and TA guys can and do get involved in running regular army ranges...so where's the lack of recognition?

    TA courses don't seem to contain half of the confirmatory exercises that regular courses do, but the rest of the syllabus is pretty much the same.

    Regular course aren't as long as you think; personnel are included in the duty roster for a lot of establishments, particularly on long courses so there is a time penalty there.
  8. RSDC - 2 weeks TA , 6 Weeks Regular.

    Yet one of our Regular Battalions just put out a trawl for TA RSDC who WILL be operating in that role.
  9. PartTimePongo I should imagine that it is better to have a TA R.S.D.C
    then no one at all deploying.
    Just to comment when I did my Inf R.R.U course it was a week long then 2 days in the field, why is everything longer?
    I just find it hard to work out that if all courses are the same as people
    Say, then why are the regs courses so long, surely it’s a waste of tax payers money.
  10. RSDC(TA) two weeks with one half day off. Regs work normal hours and get weekends off. Everything on the course is covered except mech installation of radios coz TA Inf are not armoured. Because of this small item (which is not too dissimilar to a FFR installation) the course is downgraded and no NVQ awarded.
  11. Radio training in the TA Inf was to the same standard as a regular BUT only for a specific role, e.g. Home Defence didn't do line and 1 (BR) Corps did a lot less HF.

    How a RRU can last more than 4 days, I don't know, it must contain a fair bit of reteaching
  12. Not quite true just come off my UBRE/TTF course both TA&Reg cses are2 weeks long and we also had a couple regs on it as well.
  13. Same with RMQ, it gets the same qual as the reg course or am I reading the PAM wrong( Again).
  14. How come they wont allow TA on the RMQ course (2 weeks) at the school of inf' Instead of sending people to district training teams... sorry RTC's where the teacking standards in SOME (not all) leave a lot to be desired.

    Why if we can fufil the same pre requisites not let us on courses such as this??
  15. Same with the DITS course, did the refresher earlier this year, and there were Regs with us.