Difference between MOD plod and RMP?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by harareboy99, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Ok, so i understand that RMP=Military and MOD Police=civilian.

    I also realise that the RMP go on ops, helping to train the ANP for example. And are not attested as constables like the MOD Police. Plus other extras like Close Protection etc

    But in terms of general police duties? What is the difference?

    Taken from Wiki:

    The MDP separates its activities into five key areas:

    Armed Guarding & Counter terrorist activities
    Uniformed General Policing
    Criminal Investigation & Fraud
    Defence Policing Policy & Crime Reduction
    International Policing & Training

    Apart from 'Armed Guarding & Counter terrorist activities' is this not essentially what the RMP do also?

    Genuinely not a Wah. Just wondering if someone could be good enough to explain this to me?

    For example if a crime is commited in barracks who turns up, the MOD Police or the RMP?
  2. Good question. If it helps I can confirm that if a crime is committed during NAAFI Break, Loose Women, The Paul O'Grady Show, Sports Afternoon or after 1630 hrs no one turns up :wink:
  3. Or when Dunkin Doughnut is open, no crime will not be investigated or any RMP will tip up, so if you wish to committ a crime best time is between 08:30hrs - 22:00hrs Mon - Sat. Do not committ any crimes on a Sunday as Dunkin Doughnuts is shut. Also RMP's are roughly 20-25 kilos heavier than MODPLOD, and they all have a bag of McCain oven chips on their shoulders.
  4. MOD Police have jurisdiction over Civvies and Armed Forces.

    RMP have jurisdiction over Armed Forces only.

    If crime involves both MOD Police take the lead.
  5. MoD Plod are useless cunts who wear black peaked caps.

    RMP are useless cunts who wear bright red berets.

    That's about it really!
  6. Here here.

    And SIB are an even bigger joke.
  7. I suppose it's like the difference between gonorrhea and syphilis. You can get a jag for the former (like going on ops) but the latter can infect even down the generations.
  8. Awww whats up? SIB just taken your hard drives for examination or something? Don't worry, you can always try the, 'I was only doing research' defence, it's worked before
  9. True. It worked for me :oops:
  10. MOD Plod are utterly useless, within my establishment when there's been incidents requiring their assistance "everytime" we call them the answer we've recieved:

    "sorry we have no available units in the area to deal" so civpol are called to deal (which pi$$ed them off also)" civpol recently got hacked off when get told that mod plod guard dogs do not cover all sites (budgets etc)

    MOD only come out when they want a bit of glory (from past experience)

    daily rant for today, :x
  11. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    and the SIB wear shiny suits from Top Man
  12. Top Man? Tesco value machine washable suit @£35 - why waste a good suit by wearing it to work?
  13. [​IMG]

    As you can plainly see from the above diagram, the RMP are on the extreme left. MOD Police are roughlyin the centre, and the remainder occupy the space to the right of centre.
  14. MOD Plod = ok blokes.

    RMPs = Dirty, obese, fat greasy w~~kers, porn obsessed, back stabbing, retched cu’nts, boring, no one likes them, intellectually incompetent, inbred, incest shagging gay boys, the female monkeys r all lezza’s, not respected within the Army….fact etc etc
  15. ooooo. Lot of anger there mate; I'm not feeling much lurrve here - something you need to share with us? Did the naughty RMP man steal your toys?