I'm heavily considering a career in the army as a doctor.
Currently year 1 of medical school.
What happens after the PQO course at Sandhurst? Can you join any regiment (regardless of whether it is a medical reg or not) you want, or are you (as a doctor) confined to only joining RAMC?
What is the role of a regimental medical officer? - can't seem to find much info out there... I heard that there's a lot of competition for these placements, is this true?

From what I've gathered after Sandhurst you either become a GDMO at an army medical centre in a sort of GP role or you can become an RMO. I would like some explanation of what my options are...
GDMO = F3/4 year learning how to be a military doctor. Don't know how the Army do it, but in the RN expect to deploy a lot.

RMO = post CCT in GP, will deploy with The Regiment in whatever it is doing.


Contact Army medical recruitment and arrange a familiarisation visit (once virus lockdown over) they can answer all questions and let you see what life can be like. There may be options to do some peripheral training attachments in military med centres (chaps used to go to Cyprus for GP ) during your clinical training.
Entry is now post qualification but training bursaries are open for the clinical years

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