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Difference between engine management system on CR2+TROJAN

Can anyone tell me the main hull differences between the trojan and CR2 and how there engine management differ systems?I know they are different but not sure how?
The engine (CV12 8A) is slightly more advanced than it's CR2 (CV126A), but works from the same VICS engine management system. There's a complete AESP out there for VICS so have a look at that. The transmission is the same as the rest of the CR2 platform (TN54E).

It has some mods on it such as hydraulic fans instaead of the old propshaft, a fancy new air intake, but otherwise it's basically the same poer pack.
The management system is also linked in to the STR equipment for Titan and Trojan,the hydraulic fans can be cut out for extra power but they cut back in after a certain period of time.The best expert to ask is the Artisan Staffy at SEME who teaches the courses,know him from a long time ago and what he doesn't know about Challenger in General you can write on the back of a postage stamp in capital letters and still have room to spare. Can't mention his name on here but if you ask around you should be able to get his name.Failing that give 32 Engineer Regiment a call as that was my last posting and there are at least two class 1 full screws and 1 Sgt who can give you the low down.Better still ask for a posting to an Armoured Engineer Regiment,one of the best postings I've ever had.
Maybe one of those mentioned could go out to BATUS and sort out the CR2 and a Titan that looks in sorry state on the tank park! :cry:
the hydraulic fans can be cut out for extra power but they cut back in after a certain period of time.
ISTR that AS90 had this feature too, was a good idea....

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