Difference between ejected pilot and descending parachutists

Dear All,

I know that you are not allowed to shoot at ejected pilots, but how do you tell the difference?

I realise that you are unlikely to see 100+ ejecting pilots, but is their canopy a different colour?

How about a strong pungent smell o shite coupled with linford christie legs and a flaming wreck as a backdrop not to mention the silk scarf , waxed moustache and stiff upper lip plus the give away double barrel name on flight suit or perhaps the not so obvious dangling ejector seat?

state the obvious or is it a reet de deet?
But you ain't the REAL Sir Cliff are you?????
If he's a RAF Officer, he will be wearing white socks with his plastic slip on shoes.

Very astute and quite sad that you know Cliff's real name!
Very astute and quite sad that you know Cliff's real name!
Yep - he is a god - but not quite up there with the great Neil Sedaka!!!
Who gives a fcuk. Get your Section together and take bets on who can hit him before he hits the ground (but be quick). You never know, you just might improve your shooting skills.......and pocket a couple of quid at the same time. Sorta breaks the boredom of having to sit for days in a hole. And if he's an enemy paratrooper...... you'll soon find how shite your shooting is and whether you camm'd that hole up properly. Bonus all round really.
Well I think that when the target gets close enough to identify (it's a damn sight harder for them to shoot you from that distance than for you to shoot them) you will realise that one is wearing a flight suit whereas the other is in full combat order with a nice rifle too!!!

Just an idea!!!

Smiler :)


Book Reviewer
If it has a dangling leg bag-shoot it.

If it doesn't have a dangling leg bag-shoot it.

Are falling aircrew protected under the Geneva Convention prior to capture?
Yes as they no longer combatants .though the luftwaffe did brit pilots
as they knew the raf was short of pilots (or were they just being nazis).
and the Poles killed luftwaffe pilots as they were german cant really blame them for that .


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Okay, they are protected.

Art. 42 - Occupants of aircraft

1. No person parachuting from an aircraft in distress shall be made the object of attack during his descent.

2. Upon reaching the ground in territory controlled by an adverse Party, a person who has parachuted from an aircraft in distress shall be given an opportunity to surrender before being made the object of attack, unless it is apparent that he is engaging in a hostile act.

3. Airborne troops are not protected by this Article.
Are but what if they leave the aircraft before it reaches the dz because you
put a sam in it ? :)
If in doubt, just shoot them as paratroopers are bulletproof anyway

(Stands back to watch the flaming and it all kicking off)
unlikely to be paratroopers when exactly was there last operational jump :twisted:
if you shoot the pilot you might damage the leather flight jacket worth mucho money on ebay :lol: plus theres a flash watch to nick as well :lol:
though its easyer to steal there flying boots when they leave them outside there room to be polished at mpa allegedly :twisted:
Surely the Pilot would be shouting questions like "ahoy there, old boy. Which way to the mess and manicure centre. I broke a nail on the way down".

In all seriousness, it's a good point, MSR. Perhaps you should put a gems suggestion in and claim £2.50

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